Wedding Dresses: Prices, Designs & Everything You Need to Know | Pink Book Weddings

Welcome back guys, this is wedding advice by Pink Book. I’m Natalie, I’m Malindi and I know for most brides, as soon as they get engaged the most important thing on their mind is their wedding dress. It can be very daunting, so this video is great for those brides. Three wedding dress designers takes […]

Top Wedding Venues in Cape Town According to Wedding Planners | Pink Book

There is a view top wedding venues that I firstly love working at and it ticks a lot of the boxes for the overseas clients. one being Molenvliet, molenvliet offers a wide range of different options for ceremony for pre drinks, it offers accommodation for your intimate weddings, cause most of our clients from overseas […]

10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Videographer | Wedding Planning Tips

Here are the most important things to think about when you book your videographer for your wedding. First of all, browse YouTube, browse Vimeo channels. Look for the videographer that fits your style and your personality the best. Once you’ve found that videographer that you like most, it’s advisable to go onto their website to […]

DIY Wedding Bouquet with Mabel M Florals | Pink Book Wedding DIYs

So we’ve got here gorgeous, open, pink avalanche. And we’re going to use this to create a traditional, hand-tied bouquet. Using the spiral method, the easiest and this is going to be one of the gorgeous sweet bouquet one can carry as a traditional bouquet. So now, what I’m going to do, is you take […]

#REALBRIDES Ep.1 “The Guest Dress Code” | Wedding Drama & Disasters

Hi, I’m Pinky from Pink Book. You often hear of brides with horror stories. In this series we chat with women with post-wedding trauma. And if you’d like to tell the world your story, contact us on And remember, we are here for you. Pinky, may I smoke? Okay. ‘Cause I’m talking about the […]

Meet Your Wedding Planner: Otto de Jager Events | South Africa’s TOP Wedding Coordinators

I used to be a lawyer and the fact that necessity dictated the fact that I needed to do something is how I got into the industry. I was twenty-eight, twenty-nine years old, my father refused to financially support me any further when I decided to go and do my articles, so I had to […]

Quick Tips with Aleit: Wedding Schedule on the Day | Pink Book

We know when the sun will set, we are talking to the photographer before your invitations go out to enquire with the what’s the perfect time to get married. Is it a Catholic ceremony? Will it last for an hour? Is it a civil ceremony that will only last for twenty minutes? Yes, there will […]

Top Wedding Trends for 2019 & 2020 | Advice from Industry Experts | Pink Book Weddings

Well, trends are for the masses. The newest or the latest trends Trends is a tricky thing It’s almost like the trend is to not follow a trend at the moment. To not have a cookie cutter wedding. To keep the wedding day as unique and special to the couple’s personality as possible I’ve seen […]

Wedding Planning Quick Tips: Venue Noise Restrictions | Pink Book & Aleit Weddings

A big thing in South Africa currently is the noise restrictions. They’ve become so strict at venues, that two o clock is the absolute cut-off time for music. Otherwise, in other neighbourhoods where there are residents in the area, twelve o clock is the cut-off, where ten o clock the music has to be turned […]

Elopement vs Wedding: Which is Better for You? | Pink Book Weddings

a definite in Cape Town's the perfect place for an elopement I've done a few beautiful elopements I did one specific one on a dead no beach at sunrise that was sensational it was absolutely beautiful it was so private and so intimate and we just put some candles and if we had a beautiful […]