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Perfectly Pink Wedding Cake

Hi, I’m Tracie. Welcome to, or welcome back to Auntie’s Cakery. Can I just tell ya, I love the color pink! I’ve done pink birthday cakes, pink gender reveal cakes, I’ve done pink cookies and pink cupcakes! So, I made a pink Wedding cake, and I’m going to show you how I did it. But, […]

P!nk ‘Goes Big’ for Her Anniversary

First of all I guess you know this. Pink wrote and sings the theme song of this show. That is Pink.>>[APPLAUSE] >>Yeah. Thanks to her. Thanks for the job. >>[INAUDIBLE]>>Are you sick of that yet? >>No. Every single day I get to hear you.>>Sorry. That’s why you don’t text me as much.>>No. [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]>>No. No, I’m […]

Types of people you meet for arranged marriage ft. Taapsee Pannu & Amit Sadh | Girliyapa ChickiLeaks

What? You are a doctor too? Me too Chemist, Raj Medicos Must have heard the name? You continue to write the names of medicines And I will keep selling them Made for each other So its a Yes for marriage? See! we live once We die once.. Marriage also happens for once So lets have […]

ASMR | Relaxing Wedding Planner

oh my gosh, hi! hi hi hi! How are you? *kiss kiss* Oh my goodness are you feeling so busy? it’s okay! we got this! alright- thank you so much for meeting with me I know you must be all over the place with planning you are coming up on just a few months away […]

DIY Easy Wedding Bouquet | Simple and Beautiful

Hi everyone, I want to point out that you will need 4 main flowers for this bouquet: Fillers, any small to medium flowers that support your main flowers, I have two here. Greens – any variety of leaves to balance out the main flowers, and then lastly your main flowers. Change it up to make […]


oh wow first I get film at this window every single time I'm really sorry for the boring ugly da green bits my room so today I've got my prom my school prom my end of year is not actually whoops course I can Alex cool thing everyone's like a pro at this big won't […]


he loves and welcome back to my channel I just wanted to make this video as a continuation to my wedding chronicles so I see this box actually on Etsy and I was gonna actually purchase them for my bridesmaids they're about I want to say 30 to 40 dollars each box I started to […]