MOFA: China confirms Taliban representative's visit

both sides believe that these communications were helpful we agreed to maintain communications and corporation to find a political solution to the Afghanistan issue in the fight against terrorism China will continue to actively communicate and coordinate with all relevant parties through various means and channels and play its due part to help achieve peace […]

TheSacconeJolys – Eloping Vs Wedding Politics – Day 126

I get why people elope I understand like people elope I just have a conversation today you know and we're going to like guest list and like all this stuff you know who are gonna buy him stuff and then you kind of like oh I'm sitting there you know and you're like no this […]

Religion and Gay Marriage

Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday. I really liked your video about marriage equality on Friday, but today I wanted to approach the question of gay marriage from a specifically religious perspective. But to do that we have to first figure out what exactly marriage is, which turns out to be incredibly complicated. All right, so […]

Ben Shapiro on Gay Marriage, Gun Control, and Piers Morgan

all right so we've talked about a lot of stuff that we sort of agree on I haven't agreed with everything but I'm letting you talk people always yell at me they say you don't you don't yell back at your other stuff so the gay-marriage them hmm let's talk gay marriage sure you're not […]

Married Under 25

what I'm all scruffy and patchy but if I shave I'm gonna look prepubescent that were you gonna wear hey yes baby we look 16 20 ish good a lot less skeezy being married to a 20-ish happy anniversary anniversary okay game plan I will be starting with the open-faced duck machaca ravioli and I'm […]