UCLan Graduation Ceremony: Monday 16 July 2018 – Morning

Please be seated. Ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the University of Central Lancashire I’m delighted to warmly welcome you to Preston Guild Hall and to this graduation ceremony. On this special day we are here to proudly celebrate the achievements of our students from the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing. I now call upon […]

5 Mistakes PhD Candidates Make!

Hi my name is James Arvanitakis and I’m the Dean of the Graduate Research School here at Western Sydney University and this is one of our series of short videos that we make I suppose to give tips to higher degree research students. So today’s tip is five mistakes that PhD students make. The first […]

Lancaster University Virtual Tour

Alexandr square is like the heart of campus there's ease of access from this point all the way up and down the spine so it's wheelchair friendly in our exotic where there's lots of places to get lunch I've also got the banks in this area as well there's also the student based services providing […]

LSE Campus Tour