Power Rangers Lost Galaxy – First Morph and Battle | Episode 2 | 20th Anniversary

(triumphant music) (electric zapping) (saber whooshing) What! The Quasar Sabers are more powerful than I thought! (sabers whooshing) (triumphant music) (electric zapping) (triumphant music) (electric zapping) (electric zapping) (electric zapping) (electric zapping) (electric zapping) Urgh! What in the galaxy is this? Hiya! Hiya! Hiya! Interesting. Wow! This is unbelievable, yeah! I’ve never felt such power! […]

Power Rangers Surprise Comeback πŸŽ‡ 25th Anniversary Special | Nick

This way! – Ready, Koda? – Mmm! Now! [screaming] Nice job! Let’s go! [music playing] That is Drayvon’s fortress. We’re close, come on! [music playing] We’ve got company! They’ve got a cannon! What do we do? Ah, they’re behind us too. Oh no! We’re like sitting ducks! – Rangers never give up! – Rangers never […]

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Calvin and Hayley’s Anniversary Date | Episode 2 “Moment of Truth”

Look no line. It’s our lucky day. Hi, yeah we’d like one mushroom pineapple pepperoni pizza please with extra sauce. (laughs) That’s your fancy anniversary meal? Pizza from the Snack Stop. Yep, same as last year, it’s our favorite. It’s a tradition now. (gentle music) Look I still feel pretty bad about not getting you […]

‘Tommy πŸ†š Evil Tommy’ Extended Fight | Power Rangers 25th Anniversary | Nick

There they are! [music playing] [electric crackling] [fighting] Quick, blast the computers! [explosion] Whoa, Wes, what happened? Last thing I remember, I was meeting with Tommy when some kind of Rangers attacked. That wasn’t Tommy… and those weren’t Rangers either. – They’re Lord Drayvon’s robots. – Drayvon. I was hoping I’d never hear that name […]

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – 25th Anniversary Team Up Morph | Episode 10 “Dimensions in Danger”

Anybody know what time it is? [Rangers] It’s morphin’ time! Ninja spin! (rangers yell) Rangers ready! [Rocky] Your invasion ends here, Dravon! [Dravon] Attack! (rangers yell)

All Power Rangers Anniversary Team Up Battles | Forever Red, Once a Ranger, Legendary Battle Episode

10 Red Rangers!? Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s do it guys! It’s morphin’ time! Tyrannosaurus! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! It’s morphin’ time! Red Zeo Ranger! (yells) Shift into Turbo! Red Turbo Ranger! (yells) Let’s rocket! [Voiceover] Three, three, five. Red Space Ranger! Go galactic! Go galactic! Lightspeed Rescue! (energy hums) Red Lightspeed Ranger! […]

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – 25th Anniversary Team Up Morph | Episode 10 | Extended Edition

[Unison] Ninja reveal! (energy explodes) Huh, what? Their odds just improved. Unbelievable! There are 10 of them. Oh man, now that is what I call Ranger power! Anybody know what time it is? (triumphant music) [Unison] It’s morphin’ time! [Unison] Ninja spin! (energetic music) (yelling) Wind chaser, turbo power! (energetic music) (futuristic music) Dragonzord! [Morpher] […]

Peter & Bethany Secretly Share Both Sides Of Their Love Story

(off camera): What do you think she likes most about you? Umm.. My arms? *kiss* *kiss* Hey, babe I’ll have you know that I’m really good at lip reading. Okay, then I’ll just talk like this. My name is Peter Siddhartha. I am 26. And I’m Bethany Struble, and I’m 25! Six years – Almost […]