Khloe Kardashian Talks ‘Surreal’ First Pregnancy and Possible Marriage

Like a vision in white. Trying to be all virginal. Yeah, is that what you’re doing? Yeah, virginal and all. Speaking of that, do you check your phone during sex? No! I do not. I’m not one of that– what– 67%. 62%. 62. That’s a lot of people that do that. So are you sure? […]

I Saw Something CREEPY In My Bf’s Old Family Album

Hi! I’m April. This is gonna be a story of my first love which is now a taboo subject in my family. Everything started a few months ago and it seems like I’m going to be disappointed, shocked, and frustrated for the rest of my life. I feel like I still love the guy and […]

My Boyfriend’s Family Hate Me Because I’m NOT Pregnant

Hi, folks! How old are you? Ten? Twelve? Fifteen? My name is Ashley and I just recently turned eighteen. And I’m completely overwhelmed with all these ADULT PROBLEMS! For example? Well, for example my boyfriend’s family hates me because I’m not pregnant. How do you like that? This year I was admitted to the college […]

married couple tried for 8 years to get pregnant without success, But the surprise in the end Video!

Unexpected ultrasound changes couples lives Ashley enticing gardener a married couple from Utah tried for eight years to get pregnant without success But one normal July morning changed their life Ashley’s ultrasound showed something. Nobody would ever have expected Ashley suffered from Andra my tree osis Which is a rare disease or rather? Condition that […]

The Happy Family Show – S5 E2 “Is Midge Pregnant?” | The Barbie Happy Family Show

(classical jazz music) – [Voiceover] Wait you mean? – Yes, I’m going to have a new baby. – Really? A new one? Really? Number four? – Aww that’s so sweet. Mom, what was it like when you told dad you were pregnant for the first time, with Ryan? – Well that’s actually quite a good […]

The Try Guys Try Cringey Couples Halloween Costumes

– I’m actually due very soon, we’re expecting. – Aaaah! – Halloween! – The time for wizards and witches to get it on! – Today, the Try Guys are trying on some of the most cringey Halloween costumes for couples ever invented. – This is the greatest day of my life. – Every year, you […]

Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict Marriage Q&A | Quick Fix

– Hi guys, so many of you have asked about my personal life and how I balance my marriage, and my career, so I thought that I would bring the perfect guest to chat about this together! (light music) Alright everybody, so my guest is here and it is my lovely husband, Mr. Cory Hardrict, […]

My Baby Shower Haul!

hi guys welcome to our channel my name is Abby and this is my baby shower ha my husband and I went back to our hometown this past weekend and I had my baby shower on Saturday we are so blessed to have such an amazing family we had a lot of people come out […]



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