Lord of The Rings: 60th Year Anniversary Edition | Harper Collins – Book Presentation

Hello and welcome to the third episode of Pontus presents stuff. In this episode I will show you the 60th year anniversary edition of lord of the rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, so yeah let’s get going so yeah this is the 60th-year anniversary edition by Harper Collins. It was published in 2014 so yeah you […]

Public Speaking 101: How To Get Focused Before A Speaking Engagement

Louis Louis gold hi I’m in locking out a California and I’m about to give a presentation for the national charity league so in about 20 minutes about a hundred and twenty-five people are going to be occupying the seeds listening to me speak so so many times clients say to me told you get […]

How to Do a Presentation (or Panel Interview)

Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda Raynier of lindaraynier.com guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy. In today’s video I’m going to share with you my key strategy on how to conduct your next presentation whether it’s a panel interview a business case study that you have to do or just to present […]

Inauguration Ceremony Ideas-Part 1

Hello friends, welcome back Today I am going to show you, how to make presentation for inauguration of any , not a building but any software or an App You must have seen this type of inauguration that people are cutting the ribbon to inaugurate some kind of building, new building, hotels and stuff like […]

Instrumental Music for Inspirational & Wedding Videos – Royalty Free Background Music

Instrumental Background Music for Inspirational & Wedding Videos

Kuruma Matrimony

Marriage? Not getting the right choice?

The Killer Bride cast presentation #HereComesTheKillerBride

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Travel Beans Channel Trailer – Our Story

this is Alex this is Emma and this is our story in 2011 we lived in the South of England here and here and had never met both of us wanted to travel the world since we were young after watching countless nature documentaries and hearing tales of others travels at the end of 2011 […]

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