Indira Gandhi Interview | TV Eye | 1978

Mrs.. Gandhi can you imagine any circumstances in which you might once again become prime minister of India [I]? Can certainly imagine the circumstances, but the question is whether I want to be or whether I’ll agree to be or not? What would be the terms under which you would agree to [be] no, it’s […]

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Traces His Family History | Who Do You Think You Are

Like honey and waitress or indeed British Sharia I’m the produce of the more than one country Russian Lithuanian Germans French English loads of English not much Scottish or wealthy as far as I know not anything wrong with that Alexander Boris stuff Ethel Johnson Tory politician and outspoken journalist was born in 1964 the […]

Boris Johnson booed on Scotland visit | Times News

you both the Prime Minister I can't stress this enough are completely as one on the fact that the primary objective of the government is to get a deal across the line my assumption is that we can get a new deal we're aiming for a new deal the backstop is no good it's dead […]

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