10 SHOCKING Things About DISNEY Couples Kids Would NEVER Know

Disney movies have brought us some of the most amazing and iconic couples of all time. It seems like all of the Disney princesses have found their perfect match and the world loves to love these inspiring stories. Disney fans are a very knowledgeable bunch, but some of the princess couple facts that we have […]

Man CRIES OUT In Church That He Wants To MARRY… And THIS HAPPENS!!!

The SCOAN Sunday Service It’s alright. During a Sunday service, there is a seeming distraction in the congregation. We can see here, a young man creating a scene. Brother! Please take it easy. Come. What’s wrong? Come. I want to get married, I am not yet married. You want to get married? Yes, sir. And […]

Kids Tutu Birthday Princess Party Dress for Girls Infant Lace Children Bridesmaid Elegant Dress

Dollar Tree/ DIY Butterfly Kisses Wedding Centerpiece/ Baby Shower Centerpiece

hi family thank you for coming back and watching another one of my videos if this is your first time welcome welcome welcome I hope you enjoy this video and please come back and watch many more of my videos to come is your tree so special [Applause] these oceans we don't have to is […]

How to Host a Unique Baby Shower| Games|Food|Decor|Tips & Ideas

hi everyone its Melanie from living luxuriously for less and today I am back with a video on how to host a unique baby shower and in this video I will share several tips and ideas when planning a baby shower or any event you want to start with the theme for this one it […]


because you're a little prostitute now II be running through my phone that's in entre Oh welcome back to the K is today we're doing a big fat ROM based trying haul and the dresses are coming from JJ's house which is affordable but top quality brand of dresses yes sir that it wedding dresses […]

Prom Expectations vs. Realities

you look beautiful thank you it only took me seven dwarves five sparrows three-chip mom and a deer to get ready Wow I slayed three dragons I defeated the evil sorcerer and I read all of the elves just for you princess cool to the ball okay Wow they went like all out with the […]

Elsa's Wedding ! Elsa and Anna toddlers at the Church – lots of princesses invited – dresses – gowns

well well well no mommy I'm so glad that we could find another veil in time because you ripped it Missy I'm sorry mommy it's okay this one is better that she has now you're ready girls yeah we're so excited don't forget a flower basket uncle Krystof I never forget the flowers he Wow […]