British Prom Vlog 2019 **GONE WRONG!!!!!

hi guys so today is the day of visually or from all let me show you guys were like a British prom is really like when your school's a bit crap and it's very empty so I'm gonna give you like the most realistic video possible so I went to foot park yesterday my hair […]

Prom Dress Shopping! – Vlog March 26, 2016


hi everyone I am back Alec today's video is gonna be a prom dress home so I have partnered with JJ's house to bring you this video so they contacted me and I'd look for the email and I was like I want to do this because it on the one I didn't get promised […]

How to Get Ready for Prom!

hi everyone so today the prom head to toe for you to get ideas from so if you'd like to see how I got this look keep watching first I'm going to start by priming my eyes of the Urban Decay primer potion next I'm going to take virgin for my Urban Decay Naked palette […]


you and they get ready then and you get my haircut alright so I'm a little bit ready and then I'll be back [Applause] [Applause] sohara Haqqani I have a show in our pool I have an egg alright the three and a half hours left till prom and I don't know to do I […]

Senior Prom Vlog 2016/Chicago Trip

hey guys suggest moving into the Atlanta Airport and I'm so tired it's about 5:30 and I slept on the whole entire way here but I'm so exhausted and there's so much going on and all our luggage is so heavy like I'm just ready to get on the plane and get through all this […]

PROM NIGHT! (Smosh Babies #55)

yeah we're a heck of flippin cute haha tonight is a very special night because you're finally going to lose your mouth virginity what what anyway tonight is the prom that's right you'll learn important lessons about dating love heartbreak and humiliation what does he mean by those last two he must be kidding I'm […]