Senior Prom Promposal Gone Wrong – I Got Rejected!

Prom Candy Bar! Clever Promposal Idea

hello today I'm gonna show you how to make one of these yeah I know I'm a hardcore type of guy well us metal people are rather underappreciated for how compassionate we can be at times yeah there's always the darkness the violence but sometimes there's always a little room for some compassion now today […]


The Racist & Sexist History of Prom | Teen Vogue

Lauren Southern, will you go to prom with me?

hi Lauren I've been a fan of your work for years and I think you're beautiful so for that reason and the fact I'm an attention loving whore I'm inviting you to my senior prom this year I can pick you up in my dad's 2004 Toyota Corolla and we can dance all night together […]

What To Expect at Prom | Teens Know Everything

I'm Amanda dilson this is what to expect at prom glamorous everyone looking good everyone looking their best everyone cleaned up the best part about prom for me the stuff that we did after I mean to like this giant like rec center with tons of games and stuff do not expect food at prom […]

Lamar Highschool Prom *Viewer discretion is advised!*

I told you to sew up and show out at prom and what did you do your shoulder didn't show well mm-hmm none of that none of that get up get up come on come on out come on outside come on outside come on outside of YouTube I'm back with another video today we […]

Straight Guy Asks Gay Guy to Prom: The Full Story!

so who posted the picture okay Miley Cyrus Ashton Kutcher Huffington Post Miranda sings Time magazine Tyler Oakley seenin Ellen it's amazing how many people were inspired yeah yeah it's like they say a picture's worth a thousand words but I think people found more than a thousand words in that picture my name is […]


ASA ASKS BAiLEY to PROM! | Brooklyn and Bailey | #Prom

hey guys so we have a special announcement tomorrow at the exact same time we are going to be posting another video with a special guest super bunny – guys come back through at this exact same time 4 p.m. come back and watch our for love with me hit me I'm about to go […]