Surprise Wedding Dance “What Makes You Beautiful” One Direction

Ok I need my Bride… to come sit right down in this seat a long time ago… eleven years ago to be exact Um, I was in Tiffany and Jesse’s wedding, my sister and brother-in-law, and something formed, something very special, a band that tour’s off and on, some of you might have heard of […]

Daughters Try On Their Mother’s Wedding Dress

– I’m excited to try on her dress. I never really thought that I would ever wear it. – You know what, I really don’t know what to expect. – I’m probably not going to get emotional. Sorry about that! – No, it’s okay! – I might cry. But I might not. – Oh God! […]

Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Version of Alex Rodriguez’s Proposal

-I haven’t talked to you since you got engaged to Alex Rodriguez. Congratulations. -We haven’t? -No, no. -We have. -We haven’t talked. No, I talked to Alex. -Oh, you talked to Alex. -I had — Alex came on the show. And he told me everything that he — He was, like, really nervous about it. […]

Jamie Grace – Wait It Out (Official Music/Wedding Video)

All the girls with no ring or their hand gonna wait it out ’cause we can, yes, we can! (2X) My best friend got a boyfriend Said he pretty cute and he wanna be her husband Get a ring boy, want me boy Don’t just talk about it better work it out boy Everybody got […]

Alberto & Matteo – Wedding Proposal #ProudToLove

So maybe Matteo will say YES! May 16th 2015 That’s group number one Alberto, Alberto! … And that’s group seven Fake work-conference posters outside are COOL Gosh it’s too HOT now! My beloved, you’ll have to make up (for your delay)! Your seats are reserved in the front row [SIGN] Love Air + Welcome on […]

Bride and Groom CRAFTING their WEDDING BANDS

Hello Pablo Hi guys, are you ready to craft your wedding bands? We are ready !! Let´s go You bring the gold to create your wedding bands. Tell me why that gold is so important. We bring gold of the two parts of the family I bring from my mother, my father and also my […]

Prayer For Spouses

(gentle music) – [Male Narrator] Lord Jesus, grant that I and my spouse may have a true and understanding love for each other. – [Female Narrator] Grant that we may both be filled with faith and trust. Give us the grace to live with each other in peace and harmony. – [Male Narrator] May we […]

Jurassic Park – The Ride Surprise Marriage Proposal

I see it. We can make it. – No, we can’t. – Why? – We’re being… hunted! RUN! So we are here to break the ride record for the Jurassic Park Ride. 60 is the current record. So ideally we’ll make at least 61 rides today. But our goal is to crush it. And what […]

Kuruma Matrimony

Marriage? Not getting the right choice?

Boyfriend Q&A w/AJ Gibson! (how we met, why we broke up, are we getting married…boyfriend tag)

okay so I’ll ask this one just because it’s the obvious that literally there’s like 50 people who asked this question oh god that’s that’s okay that’s a great way to start awesome hello guys welcome back to my channel if this is your first time I’m Emile I’m not a snack I’m a meal. […]