Hey guys, it's Ro. it's the holiday season and I'm hanging out with Cookie So you may see a little nugget over here. She probably will fall asleep We just got back from doing a little bit of holiday shopping And I wanted to make a video to share some of the cool things that […]

I GOT MARRIED!!!? (on #ETN4)

hey guys it's ro welcome back to my channel I have the dogs with me today they are both taking little puppy naps right now well blues getting settled she's like getting cozy over here so we've got blueberry muffin and this little meatloaf over here is cookie I wanted to film today because I […]

Emotional First Look. Bride can't stop crying when she sees her groom!

William since the day we met we immediately became a team taking on this big world together you were the constant light the reassuring smile and the grounding to my feet you were my study and my comfort through every rocky moment and I laugh through every serious moment and my reassurance through all of […]

Have You Wondered Where The Top Six Dog-Friendly US Destinations Are?

sometime last year rod and Amy Burkert decided to go on a year-long road trip around the u.s. using their recreational vehicle they didn't plan to travel like married couples enjoying a vacation together they have two dogs that needed to join them on the trip they have an 11 year old German Shepherd named […]

BEACH HOUSE ! Elsa & Anna toddlers visit Barbie's Ocean Home – Water fun

we'll look at Barbies beach house it's so pain I love all the friggin well let's go girls we're gonna have a fun day let's ring the doorbell okay hello Elsa naana hi Barbie nice to see you again we love your house oh thank you come on in so this is the kitchen guys […]

Groom Surprises Bride With Puppy At Wedding! PRICELESS Reaction!

okay so later tonight I will be surprising Jenna with the wedding gift of her dreams first off I'd like to thank each and every one of you guys for being a part of my big day I really appreciate you guys taking the time because with that being said I'm going to tell you […]


last day today guys time to pack up and go everything out on the bed PS good morning guys yes [Applause] well hung [Applause] [Applause] we'll come back at the bakery dad de novo now it's just too good not to the Hyatt is Monday daya starts Tuesday another healthy breakfast today pastry of ham […]

10 Marriage Proposal FAILS

10 Wedding FAILS