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Disney Frozen Queen Elsa Bridesmaid Dress Up at Barbie Wedding Boutique Playset – Cookieswirlc

cookies worlds hey cookie pants oh it looks like we're in the Barbie bridal boutique well what are we doing here have you come to pick out a wedding dress that's so exciting Queen Elsa was clean also doing here at the bridal boutique Elsa are you getting married no no I was told to […]

#ProudToLove – Celebrating Marriage Equality and LGBT Pride Month

حسناً… أتكلم بكل جدية، بمجرد أن قمت بتشغيل الكاميرا بدأ قلبي بالخفقان على الفور بشدة… لكني سأتعامل مع الأمر لأني أود أن أخبركم بأمر ما. كنت أريد أن أقوم بهذا الأمر منذ فترة طويلة، لكني لم أشعر أنه بإمكاني. كنت أشعر وكأن الأمر ذنبي… كان عليّ تعلم أن أحب نفسي قبل أن أتوقع من الآخرين […]

Trump's UK state visit: Should the president address parliament? – BBC Newsnight

Dead prom queen

hey guys so I wasn't going to film today because it's pretty dark and gloomy outside and I kind of rely on the sunlight to be able to film because I don't have any sort of lighting setup but it's been dark and gloomy for a few days now and it seems like it's not […]

The Truth About Prince William & Kate's Marriage

The Truth About Prince William & Kate's Marriage 18. Their wedding date was officially considereda national holiday- Kate and Will both tied the knot at Westminster Abbey on April 29,2011. Their wedding date was declared a nationalholiday given to British territories, Turks, and Bermuda, as well as Caicos and the FalklandIslands. The couple first met […]