Home Alone With Girlfriend | Couple Series EP-4 | Ft. Rahul Raj and Dipshi Blessy | Put Chutney

It was a beautiful evening so i texted Dipshi. hey am home alone and bored ! (bell rings) Just now only i texted you TIME IS PRECIOUS (she tries to enter) Stop. Keep the slipper inside but she was different…she was wearing boys shoe. aiyoo….upper house marwadi aunty she got me (bell rings) is it […]

Annoying Things Boy Besties Do | Couple Series EP-1 | Ft. Rahul Raj and Dipshi Blessy | Put Chutney

Go to hell Just watch now , John snow will ruin Khaleesi Is it so ? ( dash ) Ouch It’s not like what you think, He will KILL her.. Ohh Rahul Rahul You said he will kill her But he is upto something else.. Ai AiAi AiAiAiAIIIIII Scene over Buffalo Even the popcorn is […]

Signs That You Are Falling in Love With Your Best Friend | Couple Series EP-3 | Put Chutney

I’m crawling and coming , revive me I’m dead Ohhhh From those days to now-a-days Never won the chicken dinner Where are you going ? Veronica’s dog has got diarrhe a it seems So I’m taking it to the hospital Oh Ok May be is he dating someone? (SHROOOV) *TITLE* hello you guys look cute […]

Rahul And Karishma Baby Shower Full Video with YouTube Audio Library Free Song

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