Is Marriage Counseling Worth It?

you’re the one who picked it up why are you freaking out over it -It’s a giant rolly-polly It’s tickling me! okay you should put the bug away and wash your hands and you can help make muffins okay Zoie is a girly girl yet she likes to touch bugs and dirt and worms ♪♪ […]

6 WEDDING Life Hacks You Must Try … | #Beauty #Fashion #Fun #Anaysa

see that wedding chariot reached or not?? and he has been waiting since long take Aarti Thali and ribbon fast and here i’ve prepared the envelops let’s go fast where’s the Baraat?? Hello bhaiya… where’s that Baraat passing from here??? that have gone… So what let’s share our wedding hacks with all of them hit […]

Our Three-Way Relationship Is A Beautiful Thing | EXTREME LOVE

Ashley: I would definitely say our love is extreme love. Not everybody can handle what it takes to have a three person relationship. Keila: There’s people that are going to judge of course because of peoples religion. Deborah: That’s my daughter, why did I not know this? I had to deal with all that. I […]

I Share My Boyfriend With His Husband | EXTREME LOVE

COMM: Matt and Chris have been together eight years, but they no longer share their bed with just each other. Meet New York’s newest relationship status: Chris, Matt and Cait are a thruple. MATT: The word ‘Thruple’ was just used to describe us since the beginning. We really didn’t know what to call ourselves. COMM: […]

ViLLAiNS 4 Baldi’s Basics – GET OUT While You Still Can! / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

My Polyamorous Pregnancy | EXTREME LOVE

ROSE SULLIVAN: We have four boys, who are all under seven years old. BUDDY SULLIVAN: It was a surprise, but now we’re having another one. ROSE SULLIVAN: I had dated both Buddy and Lauren in the past so, and then me and Buddy got back together and then after time, I looked up Lauren on […]

Kenya’s new polygamy king with 18 wives and 32 children (Real Story) | Faces of Kenya

The moment you enter my home, there is no leaving Coming in is easy, leaving is hard!! Some say he is a witch… But according to me, I know He is a Doctor My name is Ramo Kathata That’s the name many people refer me by Or you can call me Robert Kathata I am […]

Polyamorous Mum Convinces Husband To Get A Second Wife

DEANNA RIVAS: We are in a relationship and we are gonna do this till death do us part. I see Melissa as my wife and I see Emanuel as my husband and I’m their wife. MELISSA JAMES: All right, let’s cook. DEANNA RIVAS: Perfect. COMM: Husband and wife Manny and DeAnna live happily with their […]

I Escaped A Sex Cult

DAWN WATSON: Growing up, I believed that the way to express God’s love is through sexuality. So, as children, as you learn to brush your teeth, we learnt to have sex. DAWN WATSON: We lived in big communities that were closed. We didn’t have access to the outside world. From since a small girl, I […]

Raising My Kids With Two Husbands | EXTREME LOVE

Alexia: Technically it’s called polyandry; a woman with two husbands who kind of like each other. Libby: Alexia, Doug and Jacob’s relationship is not the norm. Jacob: It’s not boring, that’s for sure. Alexia: A lot of males when they find out that I have two husbands, they always.. Jacob: They think it’s a free […]