Shocking Punk Rocker Turned Into Stunner | Snog Marry Avoid

Basketball Wives Season 8 Episode 2 (Review)

Jennifer opens up and tells us why she's been acting away she's been active Kristen Cece in London all make up but we are introduced to two new women Phoebe and Vanessa y'all let's go ahead and get right into this what's up everybody they were tuning into my channel issue garden here back in […]

Jules asks Heidi and Mel to be her bridesmaids | MAFS 2019

no I there's a lot of stuff going on right now and um I've never actually done a speech and I'm decided that I'm gonna do one right now as we all know I'm gonna get married again and I just when you marry someone like you want those people next year who've seen you […]

Snog, Marry, Pie Causes Trouble in Paradise | Love Island 2018

the Islanders take turns choosing someone they want to snog mortgage thing I'm good it's not Jack like who am I gonna marry those the lucky guy marry Alex I like to marry the close look Garcia Schultz [Applause] [Applause] Alex will you marry me I love tomorrow stop telling me how to make my […]

A1 & Lyrica Talk to Ray J & Princess About Eloping 'Sneak Peek' | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

they're in the bag it run upon me i'ma break him oh forget the 22 to deep down to my side Robin I get lazy stop you're starting out press s has been stressed out over the wedding I've been doing a whole lot of scoot e bike business you know I just thought we […]

The Bridesmaids | Teachers on TV Land (Season 3)

well tonight you finally pick your bridesmaids are you ready let's do the damn thing I'm so excited you're all here I'm feeling really good about my chances after all I deserve this Cecilia this is for you Cecilia let's have lunch on the playground it'll be a swingin good time Mary Louise I acted […]

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