What if IU sang at your wedding? ENG SUB • dingo kdrama

Lagu Paling Indah di Dunia 23 September 2017 di sebuah gedung pernikahan di Seoul. Pengantin wanita Im Hyun-jin, pengantin pria Park Jong-wook Saat ini pasangan paling berbahagia di dunia, pengantin pria dan wanita Hari ini adalah hari dimana mereka berdua berjanji untuk sealu bersama selamanya dan ada seseorang yang terus melihat ekspresi kebahagiaan mereka (1 […]

Family Secret Revealed! (NEW DAILY BUMPS)

(doorbell rings) – Two, three Good morning! Hey guys, and welcome back! We’ve missed you! (upbeat music plays) (charming music plays) – Have you seen our trailer? – If you haven’t, I’ll have it linked above in the iCard but we had so much fun working on it together as a family and if you […]

#nofilterWEDDING Ep.1 – WELCOME TO OUR WEDDING SERIES. The location, the concept, the invitations.

G: We’ve got something to do quickly, but we’ll be fine. D: We’re keeping the eagle is safe! A: Haha, I’m dying! A: Leave me alone haha, I’ve got to post my stories! A: I wanna have my own time to do this haha A: Hellooo, girls! A: Geta, of course you’re having prosecco already! […]

RT Life – Epic Dance-Off

*Techno music* *Different music*

Family Time With Kapil Sharma – Ep 01 – Full Episode – 25th March, 2018

“Five, four, three, two, one.” Kapil! Kapil! Kapil! Kapil! Good evening and welcome to ‘Family Time With Kapil Sharma’. Kapil! Kapil! – Wow! Kapil! Thank you. Mr. Kapil, did you begin the show without me? You are impossible. You started a new show and did not even inform me. Did you inform me before becoming […]

Andrew Focuses on his Wedding Plans ‘Sneak Peek | Love & Listings

(singing) Okay, so looking at bands. Yeah. Bands for me and then also a band for her. For her. Okay, cool. Yeah. Mm-hmm (affirmative). Since I’ve been so busy with work, I haven’t been able to really focus on the wedding planning like I should be. So Julissa has tasked me with picking out the […]

En Garde! Was Cutting The Wedding Cake A Huge Disaster? | The Mane Event

– ♪ – KEYSHIA: The sword is heavy, but I cannot complain because this is what I asked for– a big-ass diamond sword to cut this big-ass cake. – [tension-filled music] [tension-filled music continues] – KEYSHIA: Yeah! – GUESTS: [cheering] – Yeah! KEYSHIA: This banana bread is scrumptious. Gucci calls me “Banana Bread,” because I […]

What if Eric Nam sang at your wedding? ENG SUB • dingo kdrama

[Lagu Paling Indah di Dunia] [Tahun 2018, di sebuah gedung pernikahan di Seoul] [Pengantin wanita: Lee Sohee/ Pengantin Pria: No Songil] [Hari paling indah dimana dua hati orang menjadi satu dan seorang wanita yang terus memperhatikan mereka berdua] Aku Choi Jiwoon, murid kelas 2 SMA Janggi Wali kelasku saat kelas 3 SMP akan menikah dan […]

Toya Wright Helps TIP Repair His Marriage | T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle

– Every marriage, every relationship, you have the good times, the bad times, the ugly times. But communication, that’s the key. – T.I.: To what do I owe such a pleasure? – Well, well, well. – Oh my goodness, it can’t be good. – Long overdue. – That can’t be good. – Tip– – What’s […]

My Deaf Family “Pilot”

JARED: My name is Jared, I’m 15 and I have a family of six. My dad’s name is Leslie. My mom’s name is Bridgetta, I have a younger brother, his name is Gideon. I have a little sister named Sabrina. My youngest brother is Elijah…and this is My Deaf Family. JARED: Being a hearing kid […]