Proposing to my Filipina Girlfriend! – Our Engagement

OH MY GOOOSH!!! THAT IS HUGE shoot I almost canceled it because it was supposed to be raining I was like ahhhh no it can’t rain on this day like how am I supposed to propose in the rain… and then Don texted me back saying “Dude rain can be romantic” what’s up everybody it’s […]

Healthy Sexuality Vs. Healing Sexuality – Teal Swan

Hardly any subject on the planet arouses more controversy shame and confusion than sexuality. This presents a bit of a predicament when people want to understand what healthy sexuality is because quite frankly no one freaking agrees. The reason that they don`t agree is because their opinions are totally shaped by their experience, and by […]

Ariel Winter on Her Family Strains

That show, I say it all the time, it continues to be funny. It’s a great show.>>Thank you so much.>>It is, and you’re the smart one on it too, which must be fun to play the smart one.>>It is really fun, I love my character.>>Yeah. >>You know, I think it’s really important to have young […]

‘My Family Has Never Believed Me,’ Says Teen About Accusation She Made Against Her Father


(upbeat music) (pop music) (text alert) – Who is that? – I don’t know. – Maybe you should check. (deep sigh) – Look up. (text alert) Back right pocket. Oh. – What is that? (text alert) – Open door. – Open the door. – That was lame, dude. – Yeah. – Well, I need to […]

India: Arranged marriage or free love? (English subtitles)

India: a country where love is like a firework (supposedly), considering that exotic love techniques like Tantra or the Kamasutra are “made in India”. But looking at love in India today, reality looks very different. In India, only a minority can love the way they want and feel like. According to UNICEF, 90% of Indian […]

I Lost My Entire Family in That Fire – Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

– Captain, you got a second? I need to tell you something. – Yeah. Go right ahead. – So… When I was a kid… part of the story I don’t often tell… I lost my entire family in that fire. But the thing is… I heard my little sister call my name from across the […]

Exes Kiss For The First Time Since Their Breakup

– Rolling. – Rolling. – [Narrator] How powerful is a kiss? Can it heal something that’s broken or break something that’s healed? Four ex-couples agreed to kiss on camera. This is their story. – Franca, this girl I met after a show. We dated for like seven months. – It was going well and then […]

Our Engagement Story || Hannah Hart Totally Crushes #Proposal to Super Gr8t Girlfriend💍#engagement

– [Hannah] Secret Beach, what secrets do you keep secret beach? What better place to have an incredibly intimate conversation than our own bed. – Hannah, serious question, how much did Ellen DeGeneres pay you to propose to me while you were promoting an engagement show? – Yeah let’s talk big – Let’s talk big […]

Nicki Minaj on Her Engagement Ring

I’m looking for your ring and I don’t see it on your finger. Look at that those nails, though, wow. That’s quite something.>>It is, right?>>Yeah, that’s a lot.>>Are you really gonna zoom in on my ashy hands? Come on now.>>What? >>You have to prep women for that, you can’t just zoom in on people’s fingers […]