Family Gets Weird in a Game of Fear Pong | Fear Pong | Cut

– Act out your three favorite sex positions. Your kids must watch. (laughs) (orchestral music) [Camera Man] Hi! – [All] Hey! – I’m Edda, I’m their mom, and this is my husband. – I’m Kim, I’m their stepdad. – I’m Zack, the youngest boy in the family. – [Camera Man] Out of how many? – […]

The Most Romantic Wedding Anniversary |Travel Vlog | Cancun Mexico | Family Vlog

what we wanted to experience you know because most people you stay within the touristy areas all you get is more America yeah so this is like more Mexican which is good hola from Mexico it is the night of our anniversary I am like so excited we also have dinner on the beach before […]

Family Designs Secret Tattoos for Each Other | Secret Santa Tattoo

– Mother– – [Ty] Breathe. – Oh. – Ahh. (DeeDee screaming) – Merry Christmas. This is one of the best Christmas gifts ever. (Christmas music) – I’m Nae. – I’m DeeDee. – I’m Ty. – I’m Diana, and these are my daughters. – [Narrator] Who’s your favorite? (mom laughing) – Whoa, hold on. – I […]

044 I Love You – The Wedding Anniversary Song (subtitles)

Confessions of a Marriage Therapist | (916) 718-9501 |

It’s been six years since that fateful day; the day that I think really changed so much for me and the way I look at things and the way I do things. I’m Catherine O’Brien. I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at And, six years ago I was on my way to work. […]

marriage counseling and long lasting marriages

how many people would you say that you know that are truly happily married? did you know that in America almost 2.5 million people will get married every year, and nearly half of them will get divorced? those are some pretty terrible odds. most people spend more time studying for their driver’s license exam than […]

3 Tips for Making Marriage Counseling Successful (2018)

today we’re going to talk about three tips for making marriage counseling successful if you’re struggling in your marriage this video is perfect for you and don’t miss out on one of the very best things I learned in marriage counseling at the end of the show I’m Angela Howard and my passion is to […]

Is Flirting Cheating? With Grace Kariuki

welcome back to my youtube channel this is living with by design with grace kariuki I am so glad that you have chosen to be part of my audience and I hope that I bring value into your life as we talk about matters relationship my goal is to make sure that I guide you […]

Ilana and Lincoln’s Anniversary Goes South Fast – Broad City

Okay, moving on with the proceedings. I would like to look at the next article, which is a suspension period in monogamy. If we are gonna do this for another beautiful year, I would like to make out with five… ty — “fivety” people. 50 people. Ilana. Two. And I have to know about them. […]

What To Wear With Rachel Zoe: Black Tie Wedding | Cosmopolitan

If you’re going to a black tie wedding at the Plaza, you have to, like — yeah, turn it up — Yeah you do. Hi everyone. I’m Rachel Zoe. I’m here today at my studio to try and help some really amazing girls sort of fix their life, fashion, style questions and problems. Rachel: Hi! […]