No puedo creer que comió ESO…ft. The New Travel (with English subtitles)

Good morning amigos from the very pretty city of Querétaro….Querétaro! We have found our best friends in Mexico…Dan and Nari! What's up amigos? Dan and Nari are in Querétaro. What do you all think of Querétaro? Really good, really hot… It is really clean, right? Yes, of course! Okay friends, we are going to walk, […]

FIRST CLASS Bus Travel in Mexico 🇲🇽

buenos dias amigos from today fitter okay you know that was the last time we will be seeing that today is moving day hill where we going we can't tell you that we can't tell you that yet but today we are getting on a bus we're gonna try and we're gonna talk a little […]

JC Travel Stories

either you're getting this short intro because you haven't yet subscribed to our channel and we'd like you to do that please enjoy my stories or whatever else I'd be on my mind today my wife and I travel in a forty-foot Monica Windsor diesel pusher and we tow a Suzuki Sidekick Jeep and we […]