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Casting Curses and Love Spells with the Most Powerful Witches in Romania

I have always been fascinated by witches women whose reputable power was so feared 100s of thousands were killed in the great European witch hunt But in Romania, the homeland of Dracula and superstition, witchcraft has not only survived. It’s very much alive and well So I’m heading there to learn about witches and how […]

Four Weddings

Which shoe are you supposed to put the sixpence in? I don’t know. I think I’ll sit like a statue until three o’clock. You take care of yourself first, then you can take care of everybody else. I can’t take care of anybody in this outfit. I’m just saying for the rest of your life. […]

Changing the name after marriage – How this affects your relationship, life and green card ?

Hello guys ! This is Anka and you are watching Ask Anka. Today I want to talk about changing the name after marriage and how this affects your relationship, life and green card. First thing you have to do is to speak with your partner about how you want to change your name or not […]

An Arranged Marriage Ceremony with Romania’s Teen Witches

A few years ago I met a community of real life witches in Romania. One of the most powerful witches, Miheva Ninka has become internationally known with superstitious clients from all corners of the globe. well… its not for absolutely everyone

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6 exciting, emerging wine travel destinations

hi there this is John and here is a review on six exciting emerging wine travel destinations Napa Valley wine tours and shadow stays in Bordeaux are not to be sniffed at pun intended but if you're into discovering new wine vintages and flavors there are regions around the world where you'll find unusual varieties […]

DIY Destinations (4K) – Romania Budget Travel Show | Full Episode

Salut! I am going to Romania all alone with almost no money no film crew no make up or friends, except for the one I met Just myself visiting many of its medieval castles including paying a visit to the home of Dracula its ancient monasteries the magnificent mountains and we’ll also be the first […]