The Wedding Vlog | WE GOT MARRIED!!

Today’s the Day! This vlog, we are actually dedicating to our future kids. To you guys, to the little ones, if you’re a little boy or a little girl. Hey little Timmy! We actually don’t know yet. Little Johnny! (laughter) But today is the big day! It is the fifth of july 2017 and it […]

Amazing Elopement in Santorini | Tiffany & Lester

when I look at you I still see the man who was too nervous to hold my hand even that he was scared to lose me therefore evil Nene I see the man who has changed my entire life everything that has happened in my life has led me to you so this moment here […]

Santorini Elopement | Dana Villas | Gabrielle & Richard

my loves my home you are more than I ever imagined you with me you're better than any dream man I've thought of in the past I was wondering Oh where I belong No and I am so grateful he gave me the greatest man I've ever known to be my husband I'm gonna buy […]