Ellen Meets Indiana Guidance Counselor Shelly Fitzgerald

This story is crazy. I learned about this story right when we were coming back this season. And so thank you for being here. I know a lot of people wanted to talk to you. But your story needs to be heard by everybody. Thank you. So explain what happened. I said that you worked […]

Jennifer Lopez Fangirled over Her ‘Fixer Upper’ Anniversary Present

You know what, let me give you a gift first. A gift? Yeah, because you and A-Rod just celebrated your two year anniversary. We did. Congratulations. Well let’s just bring out the gift. I’ll explain. Oh god. Is someone going to pop out? What’s happening. This is a clock. And it’s basically to remind him […]

Julia Roberts Gets a Surprise from Her ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ Co-Star

You, now famously, joined Instagram. You finally joined Instagram. I did. Yes, OK. I noticed that you have three million followers. I do? Yeah. I have 60 million. And so– I’m sorry, Julia Roberts, 51, with 3 million. And Ellen DeGeneres, 60, 60 million. And so– I should have at least 51 million, then. Well, […]

Courteney Cox’s Relationship Is Stronger After Ending Engagement

Hi Courteney. Hi, how are you? I’m good. I’m good. So you haven’t been here in four years. Four? I know. Although, we see each other often in different scenarios. I saw you– I went to your house to watch, oh my god, the most incredible comedy special, which you’ve all seen, I’m sure. Yes, […]

Author Tara Westover’s Incredible Story About Leaving Her Strict Survivalist Family

I read this book because Michelle Obama told me to read it. I asked her what she was reading, and she told me, Educated. And I– I listened. I drive a lot, so I listened to it on audio book. And I didn’t want to get out of my car. I mean, it’s a memoir. […]

Nicki Minaj Gets Candid on Travis Scott and Why She Doesn’t Need a Man

First of all, congratulations. This is number one in 86 countries. Yes. Now, when you were number two behind Travis Scott, it seemed you got upset about that. But why do people say things like “upset” or “angry”? When someone says how they feel, they’re not always upset or angry. Well what were you feeling? […]

John Krasinski Got Emotional Alongside Matthew McConaughey During Their Wives’ Citizenship Ceremony

Now, will there be a sequel, because it earned $340 million? Yeah. I’m sure you know that because you made some money. Someone told me, yeah. Will there be a sequel? Yes, I’m writing it right now. Oh, that’s fantastic. [APPLAUSE] That’s so exciting. Yeah, it’s one of those things where I know the studio […]

Erika Jayne Gives Her Opinion on ‘PuppyGate’ and If Lisa Vanderpump Will Return to ‘RHOBH’

You’re a bad ass. Thanks. Now let’s talk about your bat-bat-[BLEEP] crazy cast. OK. Let’s do this. Oh my God. So– OK, yes. Let’s backtrack. I met you once. Yes. And I totally nerded out. I’ve had a little– you know. I was on the same level. So it was OK. OK, thank God. Oh […]

Lois in HEAT (Freaky Friday) – Family Guy

Hi, me! Okay, everything seems normal. Now to do my traditional “Mirror Dance. There’s a place in France Where I do my mirror dance There’s a hole in the wall where the men can see it all But the women don’t care ‘Cause they’re dancin’ in their underwear. And their bras. What the hell have […]

Peter Abuses His Power – Family Guy

Hey quagmire, where you going I’m going home what why cuz I’m sick of this I’m the only one taking the job seriously hell, you guys still don’t even know how to operate a simple hydraulic grapple winch Okay, that’s the third time you’ve mentioned the hydraulic grapple winch. Is that gonna be important for […]