Did California Just Legalize Polygamy?

California just kinda sorta not really but a little bit legalized polygamy interesting California Governor Jerry Brown signed %uh a law that will allow the state to recognize more than two legal parents for children so when I first read that I thought up also just legalize polygamy and nobody even noticed at amazing but […]

Why Polyamory (sadly) can’t be for Everyone

Perhaps some nights you lie awake next to your partner. Probably they’re not awful. But they are almost certainly a bit boring. After all it’s been a long time. Sex with them is ok but not great in every possible way. There’s something so special about undressing someone for the first time feeling their excitement […]

How to Have a Good Conversation

“Old Boy… is it a guy trapped in a room?” “Yeah, yeah, yeah… basically. It has a twist– just wait for the end of it.” It can be painfully rare to end up in a satisfying conversation. A lot of the time, we talk and we listen, but sincere, deep connection eludes us. “Oil, the […]

What our Wedding Vows should Say

We know that we’ve got some slightly… unworkable attitudes to marriage– the divorce rate says it all, and that the problem lies around many of our excessive expectations. To try to counter these, there could be no better place to start than with our marriage vows: moments when we first declare before an audience the […]

Matthew Hagee: Gay Marriage A Sign Of The Rapture

matthew haiti is john hagee sunday they of course for both for right wing christian fundamentalists and uh… matthew also tell us a little bit about doma and what he thinks but the rapture search has been spoken about by jesus christ and by the new testament records saying hasn’t was in the days of […]

The Sex-Starved Relationship

Being in a relationship where it doesn’t feel like there’s enough sex sounds like a trivial and somewhat comedic luxury problem As though someone were complaining there wasn’t enough tennis or yoga between a couple. But an absence of sex isn’t trivial in the least. It’s a humblingly serious problem and might even be what […]

Secret Thoughts: The Marriage

Geheime Gedanken: Die Ehe Mensch! Schau dir die an. Ich glaube, ich bin in sie verliebt. Ich bin mir sogar ziemlich sicher, dass ich sie heiraten muss. Warum sonst sollte sie hier sitzen? Das ist Schicksal. Sie wird entweder meine Frau werden oder das hier ist nur ein grausamer Streich. Ich hab so eine Frau […]

Your Arguments Are Invalid: Gay Marriage

Good Morning, John or rather, complicated morning John, ’cause stuff’s been going down this week. As you know the state of North Carolina, where our parents live, just decided to just outright ban gay marriage like stick it in the constitution Opposing gay marriage is not a viewpoint that I understand. And I know this […]

What are the Alternatives to Marriage?

In so many areas, we’re used, nowadays, to questioning the status quo and exploring alternatives. It would be odd, therefore, not to try to perform the same exercise around marriage. Here seem to be our main options for how to arrange our personal lives. Firstly, the standard marriage. [ applause ] The upsides are firm […]

Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person

We’re desperate to avoid it of course, but we won’t, for a lot of very good reasons: We don’t understand ourselves We’re all crazy in very particular ways: neurotic, unbalanced and immature… But we don’t know the details, because no one encourages us too hard to find out. Our friends just want to be kind […]