Wedding Witness Prank- Random Acts

♪♪>>[Sighs]>>He’s not going to show up.>>You don’t think so?>>Well no, we just… we got to go.>>I know. Have you called him?>>No, he’s not coming.>>Oh my gosh.>>Congratulations.>>Thank you.>>We’re hoping it’ll happen.>>Is this your big day?>>It is.>>We’re hoping it will be.>>That’s exciting! When are you getting married?>>It was supposed to be an hour ago.>>But our friend hasn’t […]

Honouring ceremony for NATO military personnel, NATO Summit in Warsaw, 08 JUL 2016

Today, we come together at the time of increased uncertainty, we see challenges of security in many forms and from many places. But the NATO Alliance is here to ensure that our people are safe, that our countries are secured, and that our values are preserved. This is what NATO has done for almost 70 […]

CEREMONY: Every Sunday in NYC

Hello, my name is Meredith Edwards and I am the founder of The Sacred Arts Experience, an up and coming platform for creative inspiration. I am so excited to launch a new community outreach program called CEREMONY. CEREMONY is a sacred arts session happening every single Sunday from 2-4pm in the East Village here in […]

Resolve open cases fast with Customer Service Hub dashboards for Customer Engagement

The Customer Service Hub dashboards in Dynamics 365 help you see relevant data, in an easy-to-read format, so you can address customer issues quickly. There are a variety of dashboards available. For example: The Tier 1 dashboard is tailored to help you deliver the initial level of support needed, and to handle multiple customer issues […]

Community Engagement Day 2016

RHEA: Welcome to Community Engagement Day 2016. I love that this University embraces public service and civic responsibility. I love that this institution, from the day you step foot, gets you excited and engaged in as many ways as possible with the community. BARR: Hi, I’m Lauren Barr. I’m a Psychology major, and this semester […]

Next Level Engagement in Higher Education

So one of the problems at a large institute like ours is you have a lot of individual players who have the need for data who want to query the community. What you get after a while is survey fatigue. In the past, we probably would have had a town hall meeting or very small […]

Meet the Customer Service Hub in Customer Engagement

The Customer Service Hub in Dynamics 365 helps customer service representatives and managers monitor their workload and get a unified view of service issues, so that they can provide faster resolutions to their customers.  Check out dashboards to view your most important data in one place. Select from the list of dashboards available for your […]

May X – Community Engagement Through Participatory Planning

– I decided to become a sustainability science major because I really love people, and I love the environment. And so, it’s a little bit of an idealistic major, but I want to see the world become a better place. And part of it is the environmental side, but then there’s also the social side. […]

On Common Ground – Episode 3: Community and Law Enforcement Engagement

(Opening Music) Welcome to the U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service podcast series, “On Common Ground.” This series of podcasts is intended to profile successful problem-solving approaches to common challenges confronting cities and towns throughout the country and to further cultural professionalism. Hi, I’m Linda Ortiz. I’m a Conciliation Specialist at the Department of […]

Earth Day 2017: Environmental engagement and action

[BIRDS CHIRPING] [UPBEAT MUSIC] BEN SORKIN: My name is Ben Sorkin, and I’m a senior studying mechanical and aerospace engineering. This is kind of my home to tinker and create and build things. 150 to 420 million gallons of unburned gasoline are released into U.S. waters every year by just the pleasure-craft industry alone. The […]