tinder for baby names *NAME REVEAL* | the east family

– What’s up everybody? Welcome back to our channel, I’m Shawn. – I’m Andrew. – And we are. – The East fam. What up? See you almost did it again. (laughs) – I always interrupt it evidently. I do. Anyways, today is a really, really, really, really fun video. Because we’re gonna – I’m excited. […]


(gentle guitar music) – Are we ready to start this thing? Doug are you sure? Hm, you’re ready? Well we’re finally here, gathered together as a community of family and friends in God’s presence to witness the holy marriage of Andrew and Shawn, which is instituted by God and blessed by our lord Jesus Christ, […]

Full Wedding Ceremony!! (One Year Anniversary) | Shawn Johnson

(“Make You Feel My Love” instrumental) (“A Thousand Years” instrumental) – Welcome. Welcome, welcome. How ’bout this place? How ’bout this couple? Thank you all for coming on behalf of Andrew and Shawn. They’d like to express their love and their appreciation for all of you as family and friends that have come to this […]

the in-law suite | the east family

(gentle jazzy music) – What’s up everyone, welcome back to our channel. I’m Shawn. – [Andrew] I’m Andrew. – And we are – [Andrew] The East Fam, what up!? – Today is another house series episode and because you guys gave us all thumbs up and you wanted to see another room that Room Secret […]

pregnancy complications | the east family

(gentle music) – [Andrew] You know I love you no matter what. – What’s up, everybody! Welcome back to our channel. – I’m Shawn. – I’m Andrew. – And we are– – “The East Fam.” What up? – We are here, to give you an update about our pregnancy. – It’s been a journey. – […]

Ultimate Holiday Gymnastics Challenge with Shawn Johnson! (Gymnast vs Olympian)

Oh Sue's got it hey Sam Pam its Rebecca and I'm with Shawn and Johnson today and we are in these really misses cause guys thank you and you guys know I'm doing 12 days of Christmas collapse and giveaways so make sure to stick around until the end where I tell you what the […]