Kanye West Tried to Join Chance the Rapper’s Wedding Band

-I’m so happy to see you every time. How’s everything going upstairs on “Saturday Night Live?” -It’s crazy. -It’s nuts, right? -It’s a lot of moving around. It’s a lot of duties and responsibilities. But it’s amazing. -Did you ever think that you would ever host and musical guest? -It honestly has been a dream […]

Sandler Family Reunion – SNL

Marshmello SHOCKS MMVAs crowd by REVEALING he is…..Shawn Mendes?!

All right, and the IHeartRADIO, MMVA goes to… MARSHMELLO!!!!!!!!!!! [“FRIENDS” BY MARSHMELLO] Ohhhhh!!!! Well, thank you so much, this is amazing, thank you. MMVAs to all my fans. Moe, my manager, you rock man. I Love you guys. Thank you so much……rock on Marshmello! Alright!

Tyler Shaw talks New Album, Married Life, and Shawn Mendes

Hey Western! Sofia Rodriguez here for Western TV, and today, we’re at London Music Hall, where Tyler Shaw is kicking off his Intuition tour. We got the pleasure to sit down with the platinum-selling singer-songwriter. So let’s go check it out! So your second album: Intuition, it’s really intimate! Um, and I want to ask […]

Marshmello & Anne-Marie – FRIENDS (Lyric Video) *OFFICIAL FRIENDZONE ANTHEM*

Ohhh oh ohhh woh , oh ohhh ohh woh, Oooo oooo Oooo ohh Woh you say you love me I say you CRAZY We’re nothing more than friends. You’re not my lover. More like a brother, I know you since we were like ten… Yeah, don’t mess it up, talking that shit, Only gonna push […]

Marshmello & Anne-Marie – FRIENDS (Music Video) *OFFICIAL FRIENDZONE ANTHEM*

🎵Oooh-oh, Oooh-woh🎵 🎵Oooh-oh, Oooh-woh🎵 🎵You say you Love me🎵 🎵I say you Crazy🎵 🎵We’re not more than Friends🎵 🎵You’re not my lover, More like a brother🎵 🎵I known you since we were like 10, yeah🎵 🎵Don’t mess it up, talking that sh-t🎵 🎵Only gonna push me away, that’s it!🎵 🎵When you say you love me, […]

Señorita – Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello – Pierwszy Taniec – Wedding Dance Choreography

Tana Mongeau Confesses Jake Paul Marriage Is FAKE! Jennifer Aniston Back With Ex! Ariana's Big Mess!

hello my Pam Perez here I wanted you to get a body shot because these are really fun tights and this is a fabulous tank top that I've got on today Tupac Selena biggie jenny rivera Aaliyah Wonga and prints and I am staying hydrated in my fabulous new receptacle this is more than a […]