My Mom Booted Me Out When She Got A New Family

Hi! My name is George and I am sixteen. You could say – I’m a fully grown up guy, maybe that’s true, but it does not mean that I’ve been able to get myself back together after what happened when I was ten years old. Six years ago I experienced the worst betrayal possible – […]

My Mom’s Lover Returned To Destroy Our Family

Hi, everyone. My name is Lisa and I’m 18 years old. Recently I brought home a man who destroyed our family and broke my heart. But as it turned out, I’m not the one to blame. My family is pretty rich because my dad works a lot. He’s a businessman and my mom’s a college […]

My Parents Are Super Rich But I Starve

Hi. I’m Alex and literally every single one of my friends has told me that I should share this story that happened to me, like, with the world. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and here I am. Let’s do this. My parents are very rich people. And I’m not telling this to […]

I Was Going To Marry My Gf Until I Met My First Love. I’m A Cheater

Hey, people! I’m Rob. And I want you to do one thing for me. Close your eyes and imagine – a borderless coastline, the mountain face in the distance with an almost ancient lighthouse on the top, and the tiled terracotta roofs of tiny houses at the foot of it. Terrific landscape, right? This was […]

I’ve Had 3 Foster Families, And I’ve Seen Things

Hello, my name is Chloe and since my mother died, I was forced to change foster families a few times, and honestly, those were a tough couple of years. My Mom was a nice person when she wasn’t drinking. The problem was that she was drinking almost all the time. Honestly, everyone in our family […]

I Screwed Up Once And My Family Threw Me Out From Their Lives || Best True Stories Animated

Hi, everyone! My name is Riley. And I have so much guilt on my shoulders. I just thought that, maybe, if I shared my story, it will make me feel a little bit better. Most of the worst events in our life tend to happen by accident. Stupid accident. Little did I know that my […]

My Dad Has Two Families… And We Are Not The First One!

Hi. My name is Lisa, and while this story was taking place, my life went all the way to complete chaos. I mean, it’s that kind of story where you question if you are who you are, and if anything you had ever known is real. And all this happened in a about week or […]

I Am Marrying The Son Of My Father’s Enemy. Like Romeo And Juliet! || Best True Stories Animated

Hi! I’m Amber. This story began long time ago, but I am going to tell you right now about the turning point in it, which still affects the lives of a lot people. Well, let me just start from the very beginning. My dad has managed to experience a life-long, lasting friendship. He and his […]

My Family Is Totally Nuts! I Have One Dad And Three Moms || Best True Stories Animated

Hi, everybody! My name is Lisa, I am eighteen, I live in Seattle together with my family … ummm, why am I saying all this? Because I have no idea how I should begin telling you my story. After all, it will be about my dad and my mom who are married, and also about […]

I Answered My Dad’s Phone And It Killed Our Family

Hello, I’m Evan and currently, everything in my life is falling apart. My family, my studies, everything… and all of it happened just because I helped my father at his work. And I wish I could just travel back in time or erase what I found out about him from my memory. It was hard […]