As a Spouse of Someone in Chronic Pain

Today we are planning on filming something, but today is also a day in which Martina’s pain is a little bit unmanageable So I think now it’s a good opportunity for me to film something on my own I’ve received a bunch of emails from people who are spouses of somebody in chronic pain and […]

What our Wedding Was Like

(TL;DR Music) (A TUBA GOES: DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA, DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA) (TUBA, SYNTH GO: DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA, DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA) [M] Cynthia41088 asks, [S] “I’m super curious of what your wedding was like. Were there […]

Simon Says / That YouTub3 Family

(silly music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – [All] That YouTube Family! – And today, we’re going to be playing Simon Says. – Who says? – [Katie] Simon – I’ll be Simon! – [Katie] Who wants to be Simon? Jake okay. – Wait, what did Simon say? – [Katie] I don’t know, let’s find […]

David and Lauren’s Near-Perfect Proposal – THE X FACTOR USA 2013

my name is David Gray I’m 31 years old and I’m a mechanical engineer oh you can do your best now I’m gonna compete I’m a competitor I played baseball my whole life anything I do I do 100% I’m a little nervous but it should be epic hi welcome thank you thank you thank […]

Tips for a Happy Marriage

June 16th, 2015 Today, ladies and gentleman, Is our 8 year Wedding Anniversary. Okay, I remember eight years ago today… Uh-huh Um, the day before I was really nervous cause I did have any flowers… Right! cause we were so broke we couldn’t afford flowers. Right I was busy cutting flowers out of the garden, […]

Tour de Francia 15ª etapa: Limoux-Foix: Prat d'Albis | Lo más destacado

Tour de France 2019, sintesi della tappa 15: Limoux-Foix – Prat d'Albis

[Musica] ben ritrovati amici amiche tg sia in italia per una sintesi da parte di giorgio brambilla vediamo però prima quello che è successo ieri nell'arrivo ad alta quota sul corda tourmalet thibaut pinot vince alla grande dimostrando una grande condizione nel finale alla philip arrivi in seconda posizione mantenendo benissimo il primato la maglia […]

Tour de France 2019 Stage 15 Highlights: Prat d'Albis Summit Finish

welcome back to GC and Racine highlights of state 15 of the Tour de France there was plenty for the French to celebrate yesterday thibaut pinot group armor fdj taking an enormous ly popular stage victory atop the col de tormal a most compact as you know ala philippe surprised everybody yet again not only […]

Tour de France 2019 Stage 12 Highlights: First Pyrenean Mountain Stage

hello and welcome to GCN Racing's highlights of stage 12 of the Tour de France before we get to today let's have a look back to yesterday where the Sprint finish in two Toulouse was another humdinger with Caleb Ewing getting the full set of Grand Tour stage wins by edging out Dylan Corona wagon […]