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We Are Family: Abraham (1:43) I Greater Than AIDS

I was 18, a freshman in college – I didn’t understand how I would live with HIV. I remember my dad just giving me a big hug and he was really supportive of me and my mom, – at the time that she didn’t know about HIV, but she never judged me When I was […]

Recap: Sisters Coming Together | Season 1 Ep. 1 | ALMOST FAMILY

Let’s do it. Oo. For any of you that missed the first episode, we’re to do a quick little recap. Yay. Brittany, take it away. In the first episode, my character, Julia Bechley. Discovers that her father, a fertility doctor, actually impregnated many women at his practice, using his own genetic material. Material. Without bothering […]

HOW TO USE YOUR SISTER *Meet Panduli’s family*

Good morning guys! So you probably clicked on this video because you want to learn how to use your sister. You guys are sick. Why would you want to use your sister? What’s wrong with you? Just kidding. I’m sick too. Ok guys, before we go any further, I would like you to turn on […]

Best Friend Challenge | Season 1 | ALMOST FAMILY

We are the cast of Fox’s new show “Almost Family,” and we are going to play the Best Friend Challenge. We’re going to see if my sisters here really know me in real life or listen to me when I’ve spoken to them– We don’t at all. – –about things in my life. – Oh, […]

We Are Family: Meet the Families 1.0 (2:09) I Greater Than AIDS

You look the exact same. When you get a diagnosis like HIV you tell yourself internally that I’m not valuable anymore. I wanted her to know that she could talk to me and I would not judge her. We have to get over the stigmas that we place on it. We have to stop looking […]

Megalyn Echikunwoke Is Edie Palmer | Season 1 | ALMOST FAMILY

Edie, look if you came here to sue us– I don’t sue people. I am a criminal defense attorney. It is a completely different field, actually. Edie Palmer thinks that her father was a number in a book. Turns out, it’s Leon Beckley. So if you’re not here as someone’s lawyer then why are you […]

Sister Challenge | Season 1 | ALMOST FAMILY

Most likely to run for president and win. This is gonna be good. This is really good. EMILY: OK. [beep] Hey, we’re the cast of “Almost Family,” and today we’re gonna play The Sister Challenge. [camera flash] [hip hop music] And how you play, guys, is there’s names on all these boards, and you hold […]