Ariel Winter on Spending Half of Her Life on ‘Modern Family’

What’s up? Thank you for being here. Oh, I’m very happy to be here. So, thank you. Absolutely. How are you feeling? I’m feeling good. Fantastic. I’m feeling good. It’s nice to see all of you guys. That’s amazing. Now, you know we love when everybody from Modern Family comes by, even though Julie Bowen […]

Modern Family Season 11 Trailer (HD) Final Season

Phil’s Afraid Gloria Has ‘Snapped’ – Modern Family

If you’re listening to this, it means things have ended badly for me. You should look into someone who goes by the name Gloria Pritchett. [ Tires squeal ] Gloria: Phil! Phil? Phil, where are you? I want to show you how Libby’s hair and blood got on my car. [ Bushes rustling ] I […]

Gloria Helps Manny Try To Win Back Sherry – Modern Family

As long as you do everything I say between “action” and “cut.” Speaking of which, I’ve been getting quite a bit of action. And cut. Look, I’m renting this joint by the hour. Can we just do this? Hi, Gloria. Hi, Sherry. Break your legs. Okay, Sherry, whenever you’re ready. Boy, am I tired after […]

Sofia Vergara’s Wedding Countdown: Bridal Makeup Tips | COVERGIRL

[MUSIC PLAYING] The Emmys for me this year were like a makeup test for the wedding. It was a really tough test. It was really hot in Los Angeles the day of the Emmys. And the red carpet was over 90 degrees. Even though it was hot and it was a very long day for […]

A Hilarious Surprise Guest Interrupts Ellen’s 60th Birthday Celebration

Thanks for being here on my birthday show. [APPLAUSE] This is a cute picture. Every day I come out, and there’s something different here. This is me. I don’t know how old I was. Come on, that’s– Anyway, it happened. I’m now 60 years old. [APPLAUSE] I did it. My actual birthday was on Friday. […]

Modern Family Season 11 Promo (HD) Final Season

They changed television comedy forever…Got to fix that step.…busted down doors…Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Whoa!…and showed us that love is love.I pronounce you spouses for life.Wednesday, September 25th…These have been the best 10 years of my life.…savor every final moment.Good job, kid.…with your favorite family.I’m gonna learn how to speak Spanish.iExcelente!I haven’t started yet.“Modern Family,” a […]