Aloe vera Indoor Table Decoration | How to Grow Aloe vera in indoor | Aloe vera plant//GREEN PLANTS

welcome to my channel today i’m going to show you how to grow aloe vera indoor garden here the potted aloe vera plants now i’m going to separate the mother plant and its babies first, just loosening the soil removing the damaged leaves next, re potting them into the glass bowl first adding the white […]

How to make decorative tree pot (With English Caption)

Hello! This is a tree pot made using cement for garden decoration It’s a leaf style pot. I take the help of a big leaf to make it this one is also made the same way now I will show you how I built this pot from the beginning this is an aluminum net I […]

Snake plants Home Decoration | Snake plants Indoor Decoration | Snake plant Decor Idea//GREEN PLANTS

welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to show you how to grow snake plant in different style take the baby snake plants cleaning them with water after clean the dust and soil next take a tray and fill the sand into the tray spread the sand evenly next take a large size […]

Spring Arrangement with Tulips // Garden Answer

Hey guys! How’s it going? Today I want to show you a really fun spring arrangement using tulips as a centerpiece. So Aaron and I were at Home Depot last night looking at wood because we’re getting ready to build a bunch of tables for our greenhouse. And I walked past a display of these […]

Hardy Succulent Arrangement 🌿// Garden Answer

Hey guys, how’s it goin Laura with Garden Answer So it’s been quite a while since we’ve done a proper succulent video for you guys Like showing you an arrangement or care guides care tips, whatever It kind of makes sense though, because all of our spring months are so busy outside like we’re planting […]

2019 (35th) Japan Prize Presentation Ceremony & Banquet

We’ll now commence the 2019 (35th) Japan Prize Presentation Ceremony Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress will now join us. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the 2019 Japan Prize Laureates. The Japan Prize selects two research areas from all fields of science & technology every year and awards those whose original and outstanding achievements have […]

A Tour Of My Plants

warning this video is only for 32 ladies and men and non-binary friends that like boring domestic things sometimes it's not for me to understand why you guys want to see something it's just my job to do it I guess it has been highly requested for me to do a plant tour because I […]

Tour of my Parent's Garden June 2018 🌿🌼🌺// Garden Answer

hey guys how's it goin Laura with garden answer so I'm really excited about today's video I'm gonna be touring you through my parents garden this is the garden where I grew up it's where I learned a ton of things about gardening a lot of what I know about gardening came from this garden […]

Tour of My Parents’ Garden: June 2019! 🌿💚// Garden Answer

hey guys how's it going today I want to give you a tour through my parents garden this is the garden that I grew up in and learned a lot in we did put together a video tour of this garden exactly one year ago but some things have changed some plants have been added […]