PUNJABI BOLIYAN-TAPPE With English Subtitles | Geet Shagna De | Punjabi Marriage Ceremony Songs

Will not go…(2) hey my mother i will not go with him. The first time barber came to take me my shadow will go with the barber can’t uncover my face can’t speak can’t even open the door latch Barber !!! The barber is very crazy i won’t go with him The second time father-in-law […]

Tappe With English Subtitles | Gidha Punjabana Da | Traditional Punjabi Songs | Wedding Folk Music

Some trades Cranial and ovary, some trades Mustard.” “Nahar Singh trades his wife, Aunt in few cents.” “Beware, we’re from grand parents side.” “The Earth thrives…” “The Earth thrives, wherever we go.” “If you know how to dance then give a round, Your beauty of redness is visible on face.” “Your beauty of redness is […]

Sesame Street: Family Song

[HUMMING] GIRL:(SINGING)A family, a family. What, what, what is a family? A family, a family. What is a family? Brothers, sisters, a mom, or a dad. Hanging out, spending time, much fun to be had. Soccer with your uncle. Fishing with your aunt. Grandpa sure does love to do a dance. [MUSIC PLAYING] GIRL:(SINGING)There’s a […]

Maher Zain – Thank You Allah | Official Lyric Video

I was so far from you Yet to me you were always so close I wandered lost in the dark I closed my eyes toward the signs You put in my way I walked everyday Further and further away from you O Allah, you brought me home I thank You with every breath I take. […]

Korea on course for record-low childbirth and marriage rates in 2016

Korea is on course this year to record its lowest-ever numbers of new marriages and childbirths. According to Statistics Korea, in the first nine months of this year, 317-thousand babies were born,… a decline of 5 percent from the same period last year. A similar trend was seen in the marriage rate… as 205-thousand couples […]

Tappe With English Subtitles | Geet Shagna De | Marriage Ceremony Songs | Popular Wedding Music

“Madhoram, Who is your girl.” “Madhoram, is she fat? “Her disadvantage is that she covers the whole bed.” “Scared beloved doesn’t come near, serving from far away.” “Let her remain to lie down.” “I will find someone else.” “Will leave her.” “I’m a modern guy.” “Youthfulness rocks.” “Youthfulness is very naughty.” “Oldness is full of […]

Game of Thrones Red Wedding Reactions – Tywin, Arya, Hodor, Blackfish, Margaery, Loras, Talisa

we had the red wedding in season three what do you make of that what was your reaction I couldn’t believe it I don’t like that’s all how could he do it Starro oh my god I remember watching it my flatmate and I knew what was going to happen and I was kind of […]

Ve Gurditte Deya Lala With English Subtitles | Geet Shagna De | Punjabi Marriage Ceremony Songs

“Lala of Gurditta, Yes.” “I feel like vomiting, Yes.” “I’m dying, Yes.” “Sit near me, Yes.” “Lala of Gurditta, Yes.” “I’m two months pregnant, Yes.” “My heart is abnormal, Yes.” “I feel like eating something, Yes. go the the market, Yes. buy two green mangoes. Yes” “Green mangoes should be soury. Yes” “Buy two lemons, […]

SHE WAS THERE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 113)

[Music] like a loon so Mike you’re saying I should live your life alone mmm I need not have been with you through your hard times mark when you were broke I was there with you when you didn’t have food to eat I was there with you when you didn’t even have a job […]

The Medley Song | Antakshari | Mujhse Dosti Karoge | Hrithik Roshan | Kareena Kapoor | Rani Mukerji

what is in my heart today if you ask i can tell. I don’t want gold or diamonds don’t want diamonds or pearls. what good does it do to me? i don’t want a mansion or car. don’t want horse or car. these are only for name give me our heart in exchange for your […]