10 Tips for Taking Portraits at Night w/ Off Camera Flash (OCF) – Samples & BTS Photos – w/ TTL

Hey guys! My name is Francisco Hernandez and today I’m going to be giving you ten tips for shooting portraits at night with flash. Since you’re gonna be shooting at night getting the focus on your subject is going to be a bit of a challenge. Unless you have night vision and really good eyesight […]

Filiz & Tarik – Wedding Story – TURKISH WEDDING

Leider musste der Song aus Urheberrechtlichen Gründen gelöscht werden. Gleich geht es aber weiter 😉

WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY TIPS / A Series for Wedding Film Makers

hi I’m Adam I’m a wedding videographer and filmmaker I’ve been filming weddings for a couple years now and in that time I’ve seen and i’ve learned a lot now I love weddings and there’s so much fun it’s dead contagious and I love to shoot them but they are they are live events and […]

Filming a Wedding Ceremony – Wedding Videography Tips

hi I’m Adam a wedding videographer and filmmaker and I want to talk to you about a little trick that you can use to give you an extra faked angle that will make it appear as though you’ve covered an event with more cameras than you actually used so with my wedding films like most […]

Using Glass and Reflection – Wedding Videography Tips

hi I’m Adam I’m a wedding videographer and filmmaker and in this video I’m gonna show you how you can add depth and interesting flaring to your footage just by using your phone so I recently put up a video all about lens whacking and how you can use that technique to achieve some interesting […]

Top 5 Best Wedding Night Tips and Advice ✔

Top 5 Best Wedding Night Tips and Advice Are you approaching your wedding and wondering what to do on the night of the Dakhla? The fears of Dakhla’s night remain an obsession that haunts every girl before the wedding. Discover the most important tips to get rid of stress and anxiety on the wedding night. […]


– Hey guys, today we’re gonna go way back into the history of Mattie’s film career when I used to film wedding films, way long ago, last year. And we’re gonna talk about seven pro tips for filming weddings. (upbeat music) Now for some of your who follow my brother, if you’re subscribed to my […]

2019 HUGE Game Room Tour ! | MVG

alright guys after lots and lots of requests and five years later I'm finally doing a 20-19 modern vintage gamer game room tour let's go down and take a look so this is the entertainment center it's absolutely awesome I love it took me a long time to get all this set up the way […]

Snowy Winter Elopement at Sapphire Point Overlook | Keystone, Colorado

Beethoven once said to his soulmate ever thine ever mine ever ours to me this means I am always yours you are always mine and we are each other's forever Teesha I make these vows to you with an open and honest heart I ask that you recall these vows often help guide and support […]