Annoying Things Boy Besties Do | Couple Series EP-1 | Ft. Rahul Raj and Dipshi Blessy | Put Chutney

Go to hell Just watch now , John snow will ruin Khaleesi Is it so ? ( dash ) Ouch It’s not like what you think, He will KILL her.. Ohh Rahul Rahul You said he will kill her But he is upto something else.. Ai AiAi AiAiAiAIIIIII Scene over Buffalo Even the popcorn is […]

Learn The McKellan Family Slide | Family Reunion | Netflix

♪ PARTY PEOPLE ON THE LEFT! ♪ ♪ LET’S GET IT STARTED♪ Alright, y’all! Every family does the Electric Slide. But nobody does it quite like us. We’re gonna show you how to do The McKellan Family Slide. Alright, here we go. First step. We’re gonna go four to the right. Now, we call the […]

The Break Up | Couple Series E08 | ft. Rahul Raj and Dipshi Blessy | Put Chutney

hi guys today i am going to prank my girlfriend its her birthday today so come let’s see okay yes bye bye bye hi boys and girls she’ll be here in ten minutes so we can eat the cake once she comes right? yes we can eat she thinks i forgot her birthday when she […]

Lives of Unmarried Women in their 30’s and 40’s

In Korea, of 7.80 milion women in their 30’s and 40’s. 17.176% or 1.38milion are singls. Now in the 21st century marriage is no longer a necessity but rather an option, and many women choose to remain single. Yet, there is not enough social security for them, creating a blind spot of the structural system. […]

S. Korea celebrates married couple’s day on May 21st

Today, in South Korea, is a celebration of married couples. But social trends seem to indicate there will be fewer marriages to celebrate every year. Kim Mok-yeon explains why in the second part of our May family month series. In South Korea, the twenty first of May is known as married couple’s day. It goes […]

Signs That You Are Falling in Love With Your Best Friend | Couple Series EP-3 | Put Chutney

I’m crawling and coming , revive me I’m dead Ohhhh From those days to now-a-days Never won the chicken dinner Where are you going ? Veronica’s dog has got diarrhe a it seems So I’m taking it to the hospital Oh Ok May be is he dating someone? (SHROOOV) *TITLE* hello you guys look cute […]

Every Jealous Boyfriend Ever | Couple Series EP-7 | Ft. Rahul Raj and Dipshi Blessy | Put Chutney

with whom are you texting? Sunil seriously? he’s my cousin still he is a boy don’t text him dude she has a boyfriend don’t text her thanking you yours lovely Rahul Raaj take it I’ve deleted your WhatsApp with whom is she texting? oh no she saw Rahul don’t act look at my friend Rajan […]

A Good Relationship – Dr Myles Munroe Speaks on How To Achieve a Successful Relationship

I want to focus this segment the Kingdom Laws of Relationships All of us in this room have some family who is divorced all of us i’m being presumptuous or maybe even you yourself is a victim of divorce so our relationships are really not isolated they affect everybody when a person goes through a […]

What If Your Relationship Was a Horror Film | Couple Series Ep- 6 | Put Chutney

life was going smooth until we started living together where are you going? where are you going? friends called me i’m coming with you started seeing some changes in her Rahul Bae became Pei i’m going to my school reunion oh shit i don’t know how many ex boyfriends will come there make your heart […]

Chup Chup Ke – Kareena Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Shahid Kapoor – 2006