10 Disturbing Religious Ceremonies

10 Disturbing Religious Ceremonies NUMBER 10: SKY BURIALS Buddhists believe in a cycle of rebirth and reincarnation, meaning that they feel less need to preserve bodies after death. In fact, some buddhists argue that the faster a body is disposed, the sooner the individual can begin their new life. In Tibet, this belief manifests in […]

Hilaria Baldwin on Married Life w/ Alec Baldwin | One Night Only: Alec Baldwin

– There are advantages to being married to a man Alex’s age. For one thing, he’s a wonderful grandfather to our children. (audience laughs) Every night… (audience applauds) I’m going on, my friend. (audience laughs) Every night, I make sure that the baby is fed, I get him in his pajamas, I put him to […]

Phone Scam: Marriage Counseling

what’s the a scam that you’re doing this morning’s buddy well we’re gonna phone scam a new bride actually we’re gonna phone scam Beth and her husband Brian’s on on hold here too cuz he might help us out they’ve been married three months and imagine her surprise when I’m gonna call and tell her […]