Iliza Shlesinger’s To Do List Before Your Wedding | Netflix Is A Joke

– Unpopular opinion, actually popular opinion just unpopular publicly declared sentiment. Getting married is not that much fun. (crowd cheers and applause) You’re not allowed to say that, especially if you’re a woman, God forbid, over 30, like, well your just lucky that the Lord sent you someone. (crowd laughs) To put up with your […]

Bad Sponsors: Family-Sized Toilets, Just the Juice Vienna Sausages

-We here at “Late Night” have a lot of expenses. And to cover the cost of those expenses, we have taken on some sponsors, but some of them are pretty terrible sponsors. They’re sponsors we’re not proud of. Sponsors I am ashamed we took money from. But because we did, we now have to now […]

Jenny Slate’s Hometown Celebrated Her Engagement

-This is such a very exciting time to be Jenny Slate. You have a Netflix special. You have a new book. And congratulations. You just got engaged. -I did! -Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. -Was it fun? Was it a good engagement story? -It was a very good engagement story. He proposed […]

Hunter Schafer Had to Warn Her Family About Scenes in Euphoria

-This is very exciting. This is your acting debut. And you found out about this job via Instagram? -Yeah. -How does that happen? -Casting kind of went all-out with searching everywhere for the cast members, and I just remember seeing it, like, on a story somewhere, and people were trying to get each other to […]

Eric Stonestreet Says the Final Season of Modern Family Will Be Tough

-This is a very thematic show tonight because I did not realize, early in your career, you were on an episode of “Malcolm in the Middle.” -I was. I was on like the second episode of “Malcolm in the Middle.” -You were on the second episode of “Malcolm in the Middle.” -This is Bryan. -That’s […]

How to Ruin a Family Vacation

– I try and schedule tours around school breaks, you know like at Christmas one year I did a bunch of shows in Florida, my wife and kids came down. My wife’s family also came down, ’cause they didn’t want us to have a good time. (audience laughing) I’m kidding, I love my wife’s family. […]

The Meyers and Ashe Families Face Off in the Newlywed Game

-Welcome back to “Late Night.” It’s time for “The Newlywed Game”! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Where three couples compete to find out who knows each other best. Let’s meet our contestants. She’s a retired schoolteacher, and he will tell you the same story twice in one night. [ Laughter ] Please welcome Seth’s […]

Trump Publicly Suggests China and Ukraine Investigate the Biden Family

Let’s get to the news. President Trump — President Trump today publicly suggested that both Ukraine and China should investigate the Biden family. Oh, what happened to doing your crimes in private? Trump’s like a mobster who instead of throwing a body in the trunk, throws it in the passenger seat so he can use […]


I will tell you, I don’t know if any dude’s have been through the wedding planning process, but it’s god-awful. it’s another reason why I’m for gay marriage well, weddings ain’t for straight dudes, alright. Let’s be honest. that’s got nothing to do with us, I mean it’s not even our party we don’t even […]