The Epic Story of a Tiny Soldier – Audie Murphy

Most kids when they grow up want to be an actor, or a songwriter, or an author. I’ve been lucky enough to be all of those things at one time or another. But all I really ever wanted to be was a soldier. And my dream came true. I was a soldier. I am a […]

The Story of 15th Year Anniversary Bosses – Part 1 [Lore]

Hello everyone! This year we’re celebrating World of Warcraft’s 15th anniversary….it’s been 15 years can you freaking believe it?!?!?!? and to celebrate, we’re joining chromie on some of the greatest hits of warcrafts past. We got to tango with bosses defeated before, what before then to sit down and do a quick overview of their […]

My Family Left Me All Alone On Christmas Eve

Hello everybody! Yeah, I know, what lunatic would go live here on Christmas eve, right. Well, I thought that some of you might also feel alone during the holidays. Just like me. I’m Nina and I’m 14. And I’m about to celebrate this Christmas on my own in an empty house, choking down frozen pizza […]

My Mom Got Married And Didn’t Invite Me To The Wedding

Hey, guys. My name is Grace, I’m 17 years old and I want to tell you how I blackmailed my mom, and then told her husband the truth anyway. Now she’s been kicked out of the house without a penny to her name, but I still think I did the right thing, and I have […]

Ellen’s Anniversary Gift to Portia Proves Size Matters

While you catch your breath I have to tell you what happened over the weekend. So, and you may know this already, but– so Portia and my anniversary was Saturday. We celebrated 15 years. [APPLAUSE] So– and we said we weren’t going to get each other gifts. But I decided to surprise her. I thought […]

A Groom At The Wedding Proposed Me To Run Away With Him. I Was Not The Bride

Hi! My name is Amber and I am twenty years old. I am a photographer and at one of my weddings a groom asked me to escape with him. And you know, this ended up being the hardest choice of my life. I always knew what I wanted to do when I grew up: I […]

Hello Counselor – Lee Hyun, Baek Sunghyun, Hyojung, Yooa & Kim Heechul [ENG/2016.04.11]

We listen to your concerns. National counseling session! Here are today’s special guests. Natural born hansome actor. Baek Sunghyun! Hello. Lee Hyun! Hello. Yooa and Hyojung. Hello, we’re OH MY GIRL. They’re like dolls. You’re doing a musical together. What is it? It’s my first time. It’s called “Romantic Muscle”. Muscles? For about 10 weeks, […]

Hello Counselor – San E, Raina, Lee Hyunwoo, Jang Youngran [ENG/2016.07.04]

We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. National – Competition on Worries! / – Competition on Worries! Let me introduce today’s guests. – “Yes”! / – That’s right. The singer, Lee Hyunwoo! (The singer with unfading talent, Lee Hyunwoo) – Jang Youngran! / – Hello. – Raina! / – Yes! – San E! / […]

West Side Story – Jet Song – Official Dance Scene – 50th Anniversary (HD)

-(SINGING) When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way from your first cigarette to your last dyin’ day. When you’re a Jet, let ’em do what they can, you’ve got brothers around, you’re a family man. You’re never alone, you’re never disconnected. You’re home with your own. When Company’s expected, you’re well protected. […]

Husband quit jobs more than 30 times [Hello Counselor / 2017.02.20]

We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. National… – Competition on Worries! / – Competition on Worries! (National Competition on Worries) I’d like to introduce today’s guests. – Singer Hong Jinyoung. / – Welcome! (Happiness spreader, Hong Jinyoung) (It’s so nice to meet you all.) – How cute. / – Please also welcome the […]