William + Michael wedding day

Welcome! Welcome to the groomings and their wedding witnesses. Please have a seat. I’m here today… To tell you a story A fairytale That today is completing its drawing. With a magical taste A glorious Victory Against all the hedges Smelling of Happyness and Respect I have right here in front of me a family […]

좌충우돌 라이브 도전기!+에필로그 | 레즈커플 lesbian couple | 바리고기 barigogi

SUBSCRIPTION!! LIKE !! oh!!! okay!! OMG can you hear us? hi they can hear us!! i thought nobody waiting us (in late at night) here is many people. (unconnected live streaming) is the live streaming still disconnected ? (yes….) i can’t control the camera! oh,finally i can control the camera! oh thank you~ we are […]

Tan France and Miranda Sings Almost Get Married | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke

– Here we go. – Hi, I'm Tan France andthis is Dressing Funny. Each episode, I'm dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. – Uh oh, uh oh, hey. – Wanna see me push their style game? Just watch. Oh hey, Miranda! (upbeat music) Hi Miranda. How are you? – Oh Hi, I'm […]

RT Podcast: Ep. 523 – The Holiday Party Crashers

HomeAway uses Confluent & Apache Kafka® to Transform Travel

♪ (music) ♪ <i>(Paveen) There's millions of placesaround the world</i> <i>where one would want to go and explore,and I think HomeAway</i> <i>gives you an excellent opportunityto be able to enjoy the world as it is.</i> (Rene) The opportunity to be ableto match people is a data problem and being able to collect that dataat scale– […]

Amy Schumer: Growing | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Ron Placone – My Fiancee Is A Better Person Than Me

my fiancee is a wonderful person she is a better person than I am and I can tell you this about love if you're with someone you know they're a better person than you just just rock that where that everybody has the wrong idea they're all like I want to be the best person […]

Hasan Visits 'Subtle Asian Traits' | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Hey guys, it’s Hasan. Recently I found out about a Facebookgroup called “Subtle Asian Traits.” It was started by a bunch ofAustralian-Asian high school students and it quickly became this thing where Asians from around theworld could talk about stuff. You have to submit arequest to be accepted, so I submitted my request and I […]