Holy Matrimony – SN-J feat. Sara Elbostahi & Olivia Neil-Jones (Prod. The Duos)

(Video set in Naples) Yo this is for hip hop Art straight from the heart… Check it out Old school isn’t hollywood, New fools acting like a dummy would, So it’s back to the hood for good With the hip hop battles, No shackles on our art, Rattle spray paint cans, and paint these streets […]

What about culture differences? CHALLENGE!! – Indian/Dutch MARRIED couple -#Vlog 5

[Music] otherwise welcome back having a driver oh well I will have my own cousin the moment I get my driving license I was like you’re not gonna have to – you know how expensive that is here yeah then you share the car with me or I will buy you a car for myself […]

Sesame Street: Grover discusses What Is Marriage?

GROVER: Hi, Jesse. JESSE: Hi, Grover. GROVER: How you? JESSE: Fine. GROVER: Good. I have a question for you. JESSE: What is it? GROVER: Well, do you know what marriage is? JESSE: A marriage is when two people get married. GROVER: Yeah, yeah. That’s good. That’s marriage. What else? When they get married, then, what […]

Travel To Romania | romania history documentary in urdu and hindi | spider tv | رومانیہ کی سیر

A Good Fiancee? Episode #3 – Bridget (Guilty Gear) [ENG SUB]

welcome to the fourth episode of the a good fiancee series today we are going to cover a complete oddity in fighting games a character that probably helped making the game of harbors for more famous than before we are going to discuss about a bounty hunter of unique taste that despite all the crash […]

A Good Fiancee? Episode #2 – Rose (Street Fighter) [ENG SUB]

ah Italy a country that is so bipolar at one side we have an amazing environment so diversified yet so rich not only natural beauties but man-made ones and I am NOT referring to the monuments only I am also referring to the Italian culture think about it what is it that you immediately think […]

C-Reeyus – Destination