Julianne Moore Looks Back At Her 6 InStyle Covers | 25th Anniversary | InStyle

I remember being in a bookstore with my son when I was on the cover of a magazine and, and he was probably three-and-a-half, and he saw the magazine he said, “Look mommy, that’s Julianne Moore!” Ready? And action! Here… This is the 2004 cover of InStyle magazine, right here. And I was very, very […]

Decoupage on glass tutorial – DIY. Gilding technique. Decoration of vase by golden foiles.

Clean and degrease glass before decoupage. Attach a masking tape inside of the vase. Cut out a motive of the rice paper. Apply decoupage glue inside of the vase. Put the rice paper and smooth it. Apply glue immediately onto the rice paper. After drying apply the acrylic varnish. Cut out a template from paper […]

How to Tie Wedding Chair Sashes

Hey there, I am Jessica with Paper Mart (www.papermart.com). Today I am going to show you how to make a chair sash for your wedding. This is a great way to spice up a chair To get started you will need our satin chair sash. They come in a variety of colors and come in […]

DIY Light-Up Flower Frame Room Decoration | ANN LE

DIY Decorative Notebooks | Back-to-School Supplies

Hey guys! It’s Bailey, and Brooklyn, and today we’re here with our little sister, Kamri. Hi! And we’re going to be showing you guys, 4 different styles of how to decorate Back-to-School Notebooks. Uh, huh! And, going back to school is not really the funnest thing! Not a lot of people look forward to it! […]

What To Wear With Rachel Zoe: Black Tie Wedding | Cosmopolitan

If you’re going to a black tie wedding at the Plaza, you have to, like — yeah, turn it up — Yeah you do. Hi everyone. I’m Rachel Zoe. I’m here today at my studio to try and help some really amazing girls sort of fix their life, fashion, style questions and problems. Rachel: Hi! […]

大人可愛いヘアアレンジ/Hair arrange

Take the top of the hair Tie with a hair tie Try to pull the hair out to add more volume Take the hair behind the ears and align them in the center Tie it with a hair tie and Make a Kururinpa knot Balance it out while breaking it down a little bit Split […]

Jila’s Fantasy Arranged for Classical Guitar By: Boghrat

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5 Ideas de Arreglos Navideños para Tu Cocina | Navidad 2019

Small poinsettias Christmas picks, Green leaves Small jingle, berries pick Kitchen glove & holder Magnets & glue sticks Put some magnets if you want to stick it to the refrigerator Small planter Ratan ball, green hay Small white poinsettias Silver leaves Little apples picks Wood stick, foam & Glue sticks Metalic kitchen colander Silver plate […]

Booking Your Wedding Ceremony And Venue Space – Episode 02

Have you started planning your way but are overwhelmed at the amount of things you need to arrange? Stay tuned for what to book first! [Intro Music] Hi everyone and welcome back. Today we’re going to talk about why booking your wedding ceremony and reception space first is so important. Sso you’re planning your wedding […]