Wedding Attire, Etiquette & Accessories – What Should You Wear To A Wedding #askGG Live – No. 5

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! Today we have another episode of a Q&A askGG and since it’s wedding season I thought it would be good if you can ask me anything about weddings, wedding attire, etiquette, rings, whatever comes to mind. But as always, please be specific. Otherwise we’ll have this huge pool of […]

The Rapunzel Family

COMM: Meet real life Rapunzel Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell who’s hair is an incredible seventy four inches long. The mum of five has been growing her locks all her life and her daughters Callan, Cendalyn and Chesney are following in her footsteps. Today they have more than thirteen feet of hair between them, and grooming […]

The Royal Wedding | Adam Rippon Riffs On | Cosmopolitan

Her make-up and hair cost $18,000 to do. I can pull this look together for five dollars. Hey, guys. I’m Adam Rippon, and if you missed the Royal Wedding, I’m going to recap what happened. This is an important moment in the wedding because this is when the guests are arriving. This is like, the […]

Princess Eugenie And Jack Brooksbank Wedding Highlights | British Royals | InStyle

So long as you both shall live? I will. I will.

We Tried Amazon Wedding Outfits For Under $100

– Filming right now, ready, go! Boom, boom, boom! Wait, nope that was the wrong one. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m drunk, I’m really drunk, okay. (laughs) (upbeat music) – We’re going to our friend Macy’s wedding. Macy, she’s a boss (beep) at Buzzfeed. She’s getting married in Colombia. – I don’t have time to […]

I Got The Perfect Suit For My Wedding

– I’m like nervous about looking like Ellen in a suit, in a white suit. It’s very wedding vibes. – Yeah – It is a little Ellen now. – Hey, I’m Nicky and this is my fiance Kelsie. We’re getting married this year and we can’t wait to make this perfect day our own. It’s […]

I Tried Under-$100 Wedding Dresses From Amazon

– It got a little bit heated. We are not on the same page. – This is my favorite. – It makes me crazy. – Weddings bring out the worst in people. (yelling) – Hi, I’m Chrissy, I’m getting married very soon to a man named Josh who I’ve known for 11 freaking years. So […]

Corinne’s Wedding Dress How To!

Hey, Thread Heads. Well, I’m officially a married woman, woo, and I wanted to share with you how I made my DIY wedding dress, just in case you were interested in making your own version of it. It could work for a prom dress. It could work for a wedding dress. It could work for […]

Women Try A One Size Fits All Wedding Dress

I’m so excited to go to my daughter’s wedding oh my god babushka Joy’s today we’re gonna try on a one-size-fits-all wedding dress did you just try to put your head [Music] apparently this dress fits all every single human in the world we have a lot of bodies here yeah and they’re all different […]

Take An Inside Look At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas’ Emotional Wedding (Full) | PeopleTV

Nick and Bianca are really happy together If you look at their social media profiles they are just loving on one another They just look really happy and really happy to have found each other Americans fell in love with Nick Jonas back in 2005 when the Jonas Brothers launched This was his band with […]