Arrow Fastener Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary

most businesses when they start will fail within the first five years so when you hit the ninety year mark that’s pretty significant arrow fastener is an iconic American tool brand and our products they’re must-have for most retailers in North America and around the world we’re no different than a lot of different companies […]

Employee Competition #business #employee engagement

Public Speaking 101: How To Get Focused Before A Speaking Engagement

Louis Louis gold hi I’m in locking out a California and I’m about to give a presentation for the national charity league so in about 20 minutes about a hundred and twenty-five people are going to be occupying the seeds listening to me speak so so many times clients say to me told you get […]

Best HS Graduation Speech Ever! Weber High Graduation 2015

You know, I’ve never understood how, um, imagining the audience naked was supposed to make you less nervous. Honestly I’m just uncomfortable right now. Especially with Mr. Wardle. Um, okay. To ensure clear communication with this “social media generation”, hashtags and pop-culture references will be used. #you’rewelcome. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Today is an […]

Android Developer Story: EyeEm improves user engagement through design

[MUSIC PLAYING] RAMZI RIZK: The four of us that founded the company are photographers at heart. And when we got together in 2010, the first thing we did was actually launch a photography competition. It was the world’s first mobile photography exhibition, and we realized that we had tapped into something that is way bigger […]

Secret herbs(Mooligai) to attract your dream lover or spouse.Love Failure? Divorced? ஆண் பெண் வசியம்

Greetings, subscribers Let’s visit the astrological basis on which frictions happen on a relationship, family, live-in or love affairs frictions happen on a relationship, family, live-in or love affairs frictions happen on a relationship, family, live-in or love affairs frictions happen on a relationship, family, live-in or love affairs, leading to breaks you must be […]

2017 PCC Commencement Ceremony (Highlight)

[MUSIC] This morning, I want to invite everybody, to sit and think about this moment. Think about all the points, all the sacrifices that you had to make to make it to today. [MUSIC] It’s a lot to take in. It’s a lot to think about. It’s a lot to be thankful for you guys […]

Android Developer Story: Hutch improves player engagement with beta testing

[Music] we saw an opportunity in 2011 when mobile was getting very very exciting and that really gave us the energy to start Hutch we are a mobile studio based in London and a lot of people in studio are petrol heads all they do is talk about cars so we’re wholly focused on racing […]

Android Developer Story: Trello increases engagement by double digits with material design

Android Developer Story: The Hunt increases engagement with material design and Google Play