LISTEN EVERY DAY! “I AM” affirmations for Success

I have all that I need in order to succeed I am motivated I am powerful, my behavior is aligned with my balanced state of mind Everything that I do serves my goals without affecting others Each day I completely trust my intuition I am healthy I am beautiful I am wise I am made […]

married couple tried for 8 years to get pregnant without success, But the surprise in the end Video!

Unexpected ultrasound changes couples lives Ashley enticing gardener a married couple from Utah tried for eight years to get pregnant without success But one normal July morning changed their life Ashley’s ultrasound showed something. Nobody would ever have expected Ashley suffered from Andra my tree osis Which is a rare disease or rather? Condition that […]

Happiness & Marriage by Elizabeth Towne

This is a recording of, Happiness and Marriage, By Elizabeth Towne This book is available, on the public domain, as well as, here, on Youtube and other websites!!! This is, Happiness and Marriage, By Elizabeth Towne The inner side of every cloud Is bright and shining, I therefore turn my clouds about, And always wear […]

The Truth About Compatibility in Marriage – Christian Marriage & Relationship Advice

God will bring you into a relationship with someone most of the time Who is not only not compatible with you but is weak Tremendously weak in the very areas where you would most want them to be strong Now why does he do that? I’ll tell you why Remember our text Romans 8:28 and […]

The #1 Reason Most Marriages Fail – Christian Marriage & Relationship Advice

If you were to sum up in one word what breaks most marriages apart today it would be Selfishness why because we go into the marriage making it all about us Sort of the idea of what can you do for me? How can you fulfill me? How can you meet my needs? Now, listen […]

God’s Guide for Marriage – Christian Marriage & Relationship Advice

God has given us a user’s manual for how to have a successful relationship. A user’s manual for how to live your life, and it’s called the bible. And so we need to go back to what God says in his word because he tells us how to have a marriage that will last a […]

When Are You Getting Married? 🕒 Pick A Number 🔮 Tarot Time Prediction

what's up guys okay anyways uh this is my third time trying to recorder this because I had this huge orb right here on my left Sheldon to your right I think I don't know it's my left shoulder um that wouldn't go away so I was like okay well you know maybe we went […]

I Tried Living In A Van And Van Tour ! Huge Disaster !

hi everyone welcome back to my youtube channel so as you can see a little bit of a different surrounding today um I bought myself a van to live in so today or what's happening is I'm gonna do the best conversion I possibly can to make the van liveable but I've only got like […]


hey everyone so today we're gonna be doing a very exciting video in this video we are going to be trying on more inexpensive prom dresses every time I do a video like this I think it's gonna be my last one and then you guys request a whole bunch of different brands trying their […]

Bride Finds Her Groom Trembling Before Wedding, THEN She Does This

hey you don't live with regret stick around to see how one couple stuck together and use their faith to beat the stress of nuptials in the United States alone people spend billions of dollars a year trying to achieve their dream wedding for most couples planning the perfect day means finding the perfect venue […]