get ready with/come with us to PROM 💙🎉✨

hey guys um so this video is gonna be a little bit different because as you can see Mason and I are not filming together we're going to be doing kind of like a get ready with slash come with us to prom um so yeah so I'm gonna be vlogging at myself getting ready […]

Wearing a SUIT to my (uk) PROM | GRWM + VLOG

there's prom day I'm on my phone because I do have a camera but bothered I've just been to the dentist it's like 10 o'clock now I'm getting in the shower to wash off my fake tan oh let me address the main thing here about me wearing a suit so I actually have a […]

Cinders – Like a Holiday [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


good morning you guys welcome to the vlog you're having a great day just me this morning for a change thing Yeah right in the road I mean dad's car just begins Daisy up because her cars in the garage again in the shop I nearly said I'm not American the cars in the garage […]

Real Life Minecraft Steve Visits Walmart

My Dogs' Wedding

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