Wedding Attire, Etiquette & Accessories – What Should You Wear To A Wedding #askGG Live – No. 5

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! Today we have another episode of a Q&A askGG and since it’s wedding season I thought it would be good if you can ask me anything about weddings, wedding attire, etiquette, rings, whatever comes to mind. But as always, please be specific. Otherwise we’ll have this huge pool of […]

I Got The Perfect Suit For My Wedding

– I’m like nervous about looking like Ellen in a suit, in a white suit. It’s very wedding vibes. – Yeah – It is a little Ellen now. – Hey, I’m Nicky and this is my fiance Kelsie. We’re getting married this year and we can’t wait to make this perfect day our own. It’s […]

SUIT (Full Song) Nimrat Khaira Ft Mankirt Aulakh |Sukh Sanghera| Preet Hundal | Latest Punjabi Songs

Suita Vich Ta Meri Jaan Aa Achha Ji Tuhadi Jaan Suita Ch Saadi Jaan Tuhade Ch Pakki Gal Aa ? Aaj To Baad Fer Tere Ditte Suit E Paau Sadde wargi jodi kite labh nahiyo honi Munda kudi nalo sohna kudi munde naalo sohni Sadde wargi jodi kite labh nahiyo honi Munda kudi nalo sohna […]

Prom Candy Bar! Clever Promposal Idea

hello today I'm gonna show you how to make one of these yeah I know I'm a hardcore type of guy well us metal people are rather underappreciated for how compassionate we can be at times yeah there's always the darkness the violence but sometimes there's always a little room for some compassion now today […]

The Wedding | Gigi & Nats Getty

just imagine there's two people in the world completely clueless of each other who have their own path and their own journey filled with many trials and tribulations and in the moment those troubles seem so enormous that not one person could ever make you feel that you could be happy again but then sometimes […]

Boutique सूट मैं भारी Sale, Bridal party wear suit wholesale suit market chandni chowk, Rahul Baghri

get ready with/come with us to PROM 💙🎉✨

hey guys um so this video is gonna be a little bit different because as you can see Mason and I are not filming together we're going to be doing kind of like a get ready with slash come with us to prom um so yeah so I'm gonna be vlogging at myself getting ready […]

Wearing a SUIT to my (uk) PROM | GRWM + VLOG

there's prom day I'm on my phone because I do have a camera but bothered I've just been to the dentist it's like 10 o'clock now I'm getting in the shower to wash off my fake tan oh let me address the main thing here about me wearing a suit so I actually have a […]

Cinders – Like a Holiday [OFFICIAL VIDEO]