Weddings Have Gotten out of Control!

-Now, right off the bat, I’m gonna be honest, I’m a little freaked out tonight because I got the craziest thing in the mail today. It’s a true story. It was in this weird envelope with a wax seal and my name was written all weird in red ink. At first, I was like, “Great, […]

Why Lilly Boycotted a Friend’s Wedding

-Previously on “A Little Late with Lilly Singh”… -I got the craziest thing in the mail today. At first I was like, “Great. I have a stalker.” But it actually turned out to be way worse. It was a wedding invitation. Same-sex marriage only became legal in the US in 2015. We’ve been watching “The […]

Meghan Trainor’s Songs Feature Her Family Choir

-I am so excited to have you on the show. -I’m so excited to be here. -I’m a huge fan. And I think one of the reasons I’m extra excited is because I’ve heard a rumor that you love YouTube even more than TV sometimes. And I’ve come from the Internet world, so I’m thrilled […]

A Therapy Session For Homophobic People

(suspicious music) – The internet is so great isn’t it? Connecting the world, allowing us to stalk our exes that we miss, giving us memes, bringing us closer to Beyonce. But imagine being so salty that you use the internet to target people and spread hate. Take this chick for example, I’m sick and tired […]

My Family Answers Questions About Me

– Dad hurry up! (sparkling) (horse galloping) (laughs) – Okay, make room for her booty. – We good, we good, we good. – Okay, you don’t have to sit like that! She’s like… (soft chime) (laughs) What up everyone, it’s ya’ girl Superwoman. I know what you’re thinkin’, what the hell is going on, and […]

If Couples Were Honest With Each Other (ft. Swoozie)

– Babe, how was your day? – You know, I’m really annoyed about something else, so, I think I’m going to start a fight with you. (sigh) – You wear too much cologne. I feel like I got pepper sprayed. – Um, honestly, you do look fat in that dress, I’m not even going to […]

When Couples Therapy Gets REAL (ft. John Cena)

(bells jingling) – Hello everyone, welcome to Group Couples Therapy. This is a safe place where you and your partner can share any issues you might be having. Now, who wants to go first? – Hey, Dan. We’re here because we’ve been married for five years and things just aren’t the same anymore. – Hi, […]

Getting Ready For An Indian Wedding Ceremony

I'm fuck you welcome back you lazy clothes we help the heart of productivity mints here it is Wednesday but it feels like Friday because it is July 3rd which means tomorrow is July 4th which means that Americans are gonna take the next 20 days off and no one's gonna reply to any of […]

ASA ASKS BAiLEY to PROM! | Brooklyn and Bailey | #Prom

hey guys so we have a special announcement tomorrow at the exact same time we are going to be posting another video with a special guest super bunny – guys come back through at this exact same time 4 p.m. come back and watch our for love with me hit me I'm about to go […]