good morning guys today it's gonna be a super fun day I'm really excited about what Kurt and I are doing today first of all I like to apologize for tricking you a little bit because we did not get married yet but today we're just going to a wedding photo shoot that we're doing […]

Bride Wouldn't Expect it On Her Wedding! Groom Surprised By Wife's Reaction! Dubai | Hair Fiber

you I've been waiting for someone like maybe always be standing tall sometimes you feel I've been waiting waiting for someone like you as long as you just hold me but you're strong and loving are you'll never see me wonder cuz I know you

Surprise Package & Baby Shower Gifts!

hello people Dora look in the others they know that no one in Justin and Sarah for the Christmas tree and we have boxes of gifts that we got from our baby shower and one special box from our YouTube viewer will open this one last so these are actually combined gifts from our gender-reveal […]

PRINCESS SUMMER HOLIDAY SPECIAL ☀️ PART 1 ☀️ Malice Appears! – Princesses In Real Life | Kiddyzuzaa

humming just had to grab a few things you just the essentials hair products Tiaras makeup clothes shoes mr. snuggles mrs. snuggles some extra pillows and Oh some snacks snacks okay let's go is that your stomach oh no my spill it sounds more sad when it's hungry I mean you princesses have followed my […]

Groom surprises bride with singing at wedding


– I am I gotta care but I am just waiting to board a flight to Parma in New Yorker my family are all out there they have been on holiday for about two weeks they've been in the South of France and now they've gone down to New Yorker this is my grandparents my […]

Will You Marry Me ? Supreme Bff LOL Surprise Wedding Proposal Fail – Toy Video

cookies worlds all right cookie bans today's video was requested by one of my cookie fans you should do a video when leather proposes to lace I hope you enjoy this lol video dude whoa no ha it's nice right I don't even want to know how much this cost you so you think she's […]