Do you think this looks like a peanut In our lifetimes if we are ever so lucky we find someone who we choose and who chooses us the arun Is that person for me? Now I’m gonna make all the balloons in different heights so I don’t want them to be all touching the ceiling […]

Julia Roberts Gets a Surprise from Her ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ Co-Star

You, now famously, joined Instagram. You finally joined Instagram. I did. Yes, OK. I noticed that you have three million followers. I do? Yeah. I have 60 million. And so– I’m sorry, Julia Roberts, 51, with 3 million. And Ellen DeGeneres, 60, 60 million. And so– I should have at least 51 million, then. Well, […]


hey what’s up you guys it’s Travis and two days it will be Jack and I’s one-year anniversary of when we first met so I went to the store earlier tonight and I got some things to plan this little surprise and as I was getting it was I was like oh my gosh! I […]

‘Let Me In So You Can Win!’: Gates Family vs. Richardson Family

[MUSIC – PANIC! AT THE DISCO, “HIGH HOPES”] I’m John Dorenbos. I played in the NFL. I was a finalist on AGT, but there is nothing like being on The Ellen Show. And now, Ellen is giving me my own game show where I crash people’s homes to give me the opportunity to win thousands […]

NiKO in DiSNEYLAND!! Minnie Mouse meets the kids and family for an Ultimate BEST DAY EVER!

NiKO WATER SLIDE! Family Vacation Pool Day Swimming with Kids and… Time Travel??

Ellen Helps Self-Affirmation Family’s Book Dreams Come True

Do you all always dress this cute? Yes. Yes? You said yes you always dress this cute? Yes! Yes, because it’s good. I like the whole outfit. I like the theme. And I’ve been wearing the bracelet. You gave it to me to give you to Portia. But I’ve been wearing it. And then I […]

Tim SHOCKS As He Walks Out Of Rose Ceremony! | The Bachelor CA

This week was a really really important week for me Natalie went home at the start of the week Riley went home in the middle of the week and so now this is no longer about me trying to figure out if there’s a connection with any of you I think that’s over I know […]

ADLEY LEARNS MAGIC!! Family Vacation to a New Amusement Park (our travel routine with kids)