First Time – An Award Winning Short Film on Arranged Marriages

Oh! it looks like the power’s gone Why don’t you sit down, make yourself comfortable, I’ll be back soon They were talking outside about this being your first time Yes Mom and Dad have been after me for a while initially, I did try to resist But, now I think they are right I am […]

The Family Reunion Seen Around the World

This summer, more than 60 million people watched a heartwarming video of a son reuniting with his mom after spending ten years on different continents. This is what happened.>>Jeffrey.>>Mama mama.>>[LAUGH]>>Mama, mama.>>Jeffrey’s girlfriend, Shannon, helped put that surprise together from Lynn, Massachusetts. Please welcome Jeffrey and Shannon.>>60 million people watched that. That must have freaked you […]

A Wonderful Surprise for an Adorable Couple

>>Right now, one person in our audience will have a chance to win one more giveaway. Before the show, we put everyone’s name in a hat and Dasher, where are you? [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE] >>My God [LAUGH], you make me happy. Desiree Forton, if you’re Desiree Forton.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Hi.>>Hi.>>How are you?>>Good, how are you?>>I’m good Desiree.>>Hi.>>Thanks for being- […]

Couples Swap Jobs For A Day • Ned & Ariel

– I feel like I’m getting the raw end of this deal. – So this week, Ariel and I are switching jobs. – Oh God. – Oh boy. – I come up a lot of video concepts that Ned never uses, and I’m like, why don’t we use that and he is like because “it’s […]

Couples Pick Surprise Tattoos For Each Other

– It’s so crazy not knowing what’s getting tattooed to my body right now. – We’re here about to get tattoos. I’ve no idea what she’s picked for me, and vice versa. It’s a little bit nerve wracking. – It’s tormenting. – (Together) We’re getting married! – We getting married. – We are engaged, and […]

A Sweet Surprise for a Kindhearted Couple

Our next guest is an amazing woman who has rescued dozens of animals and, recently, when one of her dogs became sick, her students set up a lemonade stand to help pay the medical bills. From Raleigh, North Carolina, please welcome Jen and her fiance Jim. So which one is Pearl? Pearl is the one […]

Travelling to USA Vlog | Visiting Dad

good morning friends come on Trent how are you today really you're going to desert after America yeah yep good morning good morning how are you very good are you sure bring with you guys when I miss you guys so today is the 22nd of July and finally we are flying to America to […]

Playdoh DohVinci DIY Gingerbread Man Cookies Christmas Holiday Ornaments Maker Toy Play Doh Vinci

cookies world chocolate-chip cookies today we're gonna be making super fun gingerbread ornaments for our Christmas tree you can give them as gifts you can do whatever you want with it and we're gonna be using the super fun da Vinci set I have the deluxe Tyler and I picked up a pack of extra […]

Elderly Couple Talks About Love and Marriage

Mwa! That's about how many times a day? Hello YouTube my name is Priscilla Duigan. And my name is Fred Duigan. We're going to talk to you aboutlove and marriage. He came down from Toronto to take my sister to the prom and ended up with me! I think spend time with our kids. Grandkids. […]