Our Last Day In Utah/ A Day In The Life Of A Special Needs Mom

if I Utah by st. George there you go like you didn't want me to hurt right joke in Amman so you getting better that's good so you're like a cannonball throwdown yeah you did good oh yeah good job Joe she provided all the four six uh oh no of course like your bad […]

Best Summer Destination | Decew Falls| Toronto| Ontario

on June 30th at around 8:00 in the morning we decided to go for a long drive we asked myself my hobby two of our best buddies nigra oh but you don't want to go tonight because we have been there couple times and submits a place for someone starting front of matter what Coffee […]

Tour Our Skoolie | A Complete Walk Through Tour Of Our Converted School Bus

hey everybody we're the Browns and this is our 38 foot Bluebird bus that we converted into a tiny home that we will travel in and we're gonna give you a tour so here we go hey friends were the Browns Chad Katy Addison and Kenya Milo and Charlie we live to love an adventure […]

Cinders – Like a Holiday [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


last day today guys time to pack up and go everything out on the bed PS good morning guys yes [Applause] well hung [Applause] [Applause] we'll come back at the bakery dad de novo now it's just too good not to the Hyatt is Monday daya starts Tuesday another healthy breakfast today pastry of ham […]

Nevis Tourism Authority Destination Video

The Week of Dad³ – Turkish Holiday with Dan! – 25th May 2019

well I am yet another premier hotel we're gonna get seaming yeah we'll give you tried to get you earlier nice about quite annoying semi-matte because we've got you up about four clocks of are in levia five to get the old plane at seven o'clock you know it's just across the road yeah nice […]


oh good boy morning boys Mario is busy what's everyone doing 1/2 3:00 in the morning amazing thank you so much man Cheers can't believe I've just run over my shoe what have I just done I know instantly run over the white shoes that's so bad just typical isn't it and you know I […]