Your self-employed tax return

Your Self-employed tax return One of a series of videos about online Self Assessment tax returns. You’ve tailored your return. Now tell HMRC about your self-employed income. The first question is about your annual turnover. If you didn’t trade for a full year, but had you, and your income would’ve been over £85,000 you answer […]

Putting Your Spouse On Payroll – A Good Idea? | Mark J Kohler | CPA | Attorney

hi mark Kohler here with the tax and legal tip talking about putting your spouse on payroll now for those of you that are small business owners this is a big question mark I get this call and email quite a bit so let’s dive into it and let me give you a couple options […]

My Dad Has Two Families… And We Are Not The First One!

Hi. My name is Lisa, and while this story was taking place, my life went all the way to complete chaos. I mean, it’s that kind of story where you question if you are who you are, and if anything you had ever known is real. And all this happened in a about week or […]