‘This is a Cruel Prank’ | Wife Swap Official Sneak Peek

The wives have no idea where they’re goingor who they’ll be living with.The further we drive, the more nervous I get, ’cause I don’t see anything that looks like civilization. If this is her area, then she’s gonna freak out on my dirt road. Probably. I mean, you should. It looks like, you know, people […]

Toy Collector Part 3 Delivering Mystery Christmas Package /That YouTub3 Family I Family Channel

– [Boy] Previously on The Toy Collector. – And for today’s adventure we’re going to go holiday geocaching. (cheering) – Outside and it’s cold. – [Audrey] You guys, look. I think I just found it. – What is that? – Clues. Okay, there’s this sticker right here… – Yeah, let’s find out what it is. […]

Esther Perel | Modern Love and Relationships | SXSW 2018

You’ve just entered my office and These clips are from the podcast where should we begin? I’m Esther Perel, and I am a couples therapist For the past 35 years I’ve been helping couples and people navigate the challenges of relationships and Until not too long ago. There was no such a thing as a […]

The Bandits Movie! Part 3 / That YouTub3 Family I Family Channel

– Hi, guys, welcome back to – [All] The Youtub3 Family – And weird adventures! – Wooo! – Alrighty, in this compilation of Bandits 3 – Part three. – Part three. We go to someplace crazy. Where do we end up when we use the transporter? – Oh, my goodness. – Whoa. – We go […]

Building A Bandits Box Fort / That YouTub3 Family I Family Channel

– Hi guys and welcome back to..! (all together scream “the youtube family”) – And we’re the adventures! – Okay guys, as you know, the bandits have been after us, so we are going to build a bandit proof fort. – Yes! – This is crazy, it’s gonna be a fort inside a fort inside […]

Lens Whacking Tutorial / Lens Whacking for Weddings – Wedding Videography Tips

hi I’m adam I’m a wedding videographer and filmmaker and in this video I’m going to show you how you can use a little trick called lens whacking or free lensing to help improve your wedding film footage so if you’re not familiar with the term lens whacking it’s basically the act of removing your […]

Converted Garage to Family Home Makeover!

Today’s episode is sponsored by the Lenovo smart display with the Google assistant. Hey, Google Play. Mr. Kate on YouTube. Alright, here’s Mr. Kate on YouTube. Hello creative weirdos welcome to Mr. Kate Decorates today is a special episode. We are working with a family of three Mariana, Daniel and baby Daniel, they all live […]

The Bandits Movie Part 2 / That YouTub3 Family I Family Channel

– Hi, guys, welcome back to – That YouTub3 Family. – And we’re The Adventurers. – Yeah. – Okay, guys, you’re about to watch a crazy, crazy video because a lot has happened. We get captured, but don’t worry, it’s okay. – ‘Cause Audrey saves us. – Saves us from the bandits, yes. It was […]