WORST WEDDING EVER (Part Timers #11)

– [clears throat] – Welcome to Pork E. Pine’s, home of the… deepest ball pit on Earth. – It’s okay, Anton. It’s just me. – [sighs] Thank God. After you asked me to lock up last night, I realized I didn’t know how to do that, so… I just stayed. – [sighs] – What’s this? […]

Tim SHOCKS As He Walks Out Of Rose Ceremony! | The Bachelor CA

This week was a really really important week for me Natalie went home at the start of the week Riley went home in the middle of the week and so now this is no longer about me trying to figure out if there’s a connection with any of you I think that’s over I know […]

Jake’s Rose Ceremony Shocker! | Bachelor In Paradise Australia

The voice of the power I obviously gave my rose to Jake the last rose ceremony which was a tough decision I Don’t know if Megan coming in has put my Rose at birth, but if Jake is a decent guy He would give me his rose as he pretty much promised me that The […]

Trailer | Extreme Engagement | Netflix Original Series

the moment I saw PJ I was head over heels so I proposed to her. Yes yes yes yes yes. And that moment was everything I dreamed of. We want to find out if we’re really ready for marriage so we’ll spend the next year in eight of the world’s toughest places finding out how […]

It’s Britanny vs Cass In Rose Ceremony Drama! | Bachelor Australia

Definitely the most vulnerable I’ve ever felt going into a rose ceremony these hometowns are make or break and the fact that mine didn’t go too well makes me feel really really worried especially after the news that Casa Nick did have a relationship before they came in here I’m just gonna try and focus […]

Becca’s Ex Shows Up With An Engagement Ring! | The Bachelor

No, I don’t I don’t want to be on this show I want my girl go get it I didn’t know anything about this show I didn’t I Don’t know it ended in a proposal until someone told me and then I knew I had to do something Wasn’t easy to get to her If […]

Krystal Interrupts Arie During The Rose Ceremony! | The Bachelor US

Everyone everyone looks so beautiful tonight Let me just start off by saying this week’s been really good I mean Tahoe has been amazing and it really gave me a lot of clarity I always say I’m hopeful But more than that this week’s given me that feeling of excitement because I know love is […]

Rachel and Peter’s Tearful Breakup – The Bachelorette

Would you be resentful? I would hope not I hope I am a mature enough person to not look at that way I’m also a very emotional person. So, I can’t make a promise. Rachel: I feel like you don’t know what you want to do. Peter: I don’t I want somebody who knows what […]

Sham Love Series – Stop That Wedding – 65 second trailer

Oh Martha your husband married you and not another woman Go on May be that’s why he left me No one will use me like this again Martha Sorry to give to barest of bad news I’m not doing anything, it’s all you I spent a fortune on him Just stop talking Robert Where are […]